• US probe of Russian election interference expands into Cyprus


    WASHINGTON: A lawmaker probing Russian efforts to influence last year’s US presidential election said on Friday (Saturday in Manila) he had traveled to Cyprus to investigate money laundering operations there that could have been utilized by the Kremlin. Congressman Mike Quigley, a Democrat from the Midwestern state of Illinois who serves on the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, called the trip “informative and timely.” The Mediterranean country is where Russia is suspected of laundering millions of dollars as part of the election interference campaign. Quigley said that “it is essential for the Intelligence Committee to examine the nature and scope of Russian money laundering and how the use of offshore accounts, like those used in Cyprus, is one of many tools the Kremlin utilizes to exert undue influence abroad.” He added that such trips help the Committee “to connect the dots specific to Russia’s election meddling and other nefarious activities they have undertaken around the world.”



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