US’ return to Clark, Subic


This should be a welcome news for all Filipinos. This should counter China’s expansionism and island grabbing scheme. Let us be realistic about this, we are a third world country, and if China decide to invade a few islands or the entire country our armed forces is no match to the power of the Dragon, it will be a turkey shoot. Let the US come in, it is better to deal with them than deal with China, prime example is the country of Tibet, China will never grant them independence. If the defensor Santiago and all her allies are against this move, let them come up with another solution or better yet she should be targeted for investigation as a sell out.
Pedro Gabriel

We should have thought it up long time ago, way before the Chinese staked claim to our Scarborough Shoals. May be reactive but still a laudable move. Two birds in one stone: one, in terms of national defense and security and two, in terms of business and economy. Checkmate, anyone?


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  1. Fully agree. If rich and develop Asian countries Japan, Korea and Australia welcome the US military for help on their security needs, more for the Philippines, a third world country. In hindsight, the security problem of RP now is due to selfish politicians who do not care about the future of RP. The 12 senators that voted to kick out the Americans in 1990 were all selfish politicians who want their names in Philippine history. They did not provide legislation to modernize the AFP as well help the jobless personel of Clark and Subic. Their attitude was “bahala kayo sa buhay niyo kaming 12 ay sikat”. The moral of the story here is to avoid too much emotion and pride at the expense of national security and development of RP.