US to start building facilities in PH


AMID President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-US rants, Americans will start constructing facilities this year inside selected camps of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), according to Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana.

The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (Edca), whose constitutionality was upheld by the Supreme Court last year, allows the US to use temporary facilities in the country.

“According to the Pentagon they will start constructing some facilities in the Edca chosen camps,” Lorenzana told reporters in a news briefing on Thursday.

The camps where the facilities will be constructed are in Basa Air Base, Pampanga, Bautista Air Base in Palawan and Lumbia Airfield in Cagayan De Oro.

“[But] I think the first camp that they will develop these facilities is in Basa,” he added.

Among others, the US will set-up runways, facilities for US troops and storage areas for their equipment, the defense chief said.

“But they can leave the building there and leave and they can come back again, that is the idea of Edca,” Lorenzana explained.

He said the President is aware of the development and is okay with it.

“He said we will honor all agreements that were entered into by the previous government,” he added.

A military official had said the US facilities are not for military use but for humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR).

As discussed, US authorities would be allowed to store and keep items related to HADR operations, Brig. Restituto Padilla Jr. said earlier.

The items include power generators, lightings, water purifiers, mobility equipment like trucks, heavy lifters, and forklifts among others.

“The storage of equipment right now is limited to HADR equipment, so no tanks, no warfighting equipment for the moment,” he added.


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  1. Recolonizing the country! Duterte should stop this and fired Lorenzana. Edca is not a treaty. Supreme court upheld it fraudulently to satisfy Abnormal Noynoy Aquino.

    • Arao. That is an ignorant post. If you get your news from FOX news instead of CNN you would of heard Presidents Trumps speech. The US will no longer interfere with other countries internal affairs. We will lead by example not force our way of life on any country anymore. But if you want we can pull out of the Philippines and the next calamity that comes to your country you can have China come to your rescue. By the way what country always comes to the Philippines calamities immediately? What country that is constantly giving humanitarian aid, medical, and labor to the Philippines. Please answer those questions to me. Sounds like you are ungrateful to American taxpayers.

  2. “A military official had said the US facilities are not for military use but for humanitarian assistance and disaster response.” – This is so far the biggest bullshit of the 21st century.