• US State Department denies Goldberg-led plot


    US State Department on Monday denied that former ambassador Philip Goldberg had written a blueprint to oust President Rodrigo Duterte, noting that aid programs and defense cooperation between Manila and Washington were proof of American commitment to build Philippine institutions.

    Bellow is the statement to The Manila Times issued by Daniel Russel, assistant secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs:

    “These allegations of a blueprint are false. No such blueprint exists.

    “As Secretary Kerry said in his meeting with President Duterte in July, the United States respects the sovereignty of the Philippines and the democratic choices made by the Philippine people in selecting their leaders.

    “Our ongoing aid programs and defense cooperation demonstrate our commitment to building Philippine institutions and to the Philippines’ success as a country and within ASEAN.

    “As we have said, our relationship with the Philippines is broad and our alliance is one of our most enduring and important relationships in the Asia Pacific region. It has been a cornerstone of stability for over 70 years. It is built on shared sacrifices for democracy and human rights and strong people-to-people and societal ties. We continue to focus on our broad relationship with the Philippines, and will work together in the many areas of mutual interest to improve the livelihoods of the Philippine people and uphold our shared democratic values.”


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    1. the plan is real. this denial from us state dept just proved it. leni must be very busy on her vacation in us this time when her region is battered by a calamity. the only thing which could derail this plan, if trump would not be set aside. that ex-ph envoy is a well known operator. while trump is an elected us prez, usa has always been ruled by the shadows. they paid clowns all over the world to get what they want, and, ph not exempted…

    2. it is more likely true, knowing what kind of a person Philip Godlberg is. He was once kicked out as ambassador in Bolivia for plotting against Bolivia’s government.

    3. Be vigilant, when rally start to grow there is a financier behind. When news keep trumpeting against the government repeatedly especially in ABS-CBN and Enquirer, sinister action is happening.

    4. Clandestine operation of CIA does not need the government clearance, they are required to report only what happened, lol!

    5. The state department’s response is what we call a politically correct statement. They will work with us and continue to look for broad cooperation and if we continue to work with their plans and programs, everything will go on as usual. If not, they will start to tighten the screws and squeeze our necks until we say . . uncle!

    6. Duterte is our president. Let us follow him even tho I did not vote for him. These foreign nations like the US, China , Russia are not helping us for our sake but for their own influence in our country. Nobody , even this nation does not get any financial help for free.

    7. We have a treasonous vp, we “share democratic principles ” with someone who is backstabbing us, and an evil elites who wants back their unrestrained power to plunder and rule, we a nonperforming c&s, bantay-salakay
      government regulators and enforcers, the best judiciary that money can buy.

      We are on our own, surrounded by …

      We must deal and handle these realities, like the plenty of calamities we routinely suffer, we have no choice.

      Whatever fate will be thrown at us a lowly people, as long as we understand what is going on, we can deal with it, nothing is really too hard for us because we have endured so much more, although we didn’t understand what we were doing or whom we were dying for at that periods in time, but this time we are going to do it for our own side.

      We have survived in the gutter, in poverty, extreme deprivation and disease, this just another round for us. We are the majority, we are going to do whatever we can for our country, for our future.

    8. Filipinos around the world, esp Fil Ams need to be very vigilant. Mainstream media, the UN, and US senate are already trying to demonize Duterte

    9. In his last 6 months in office PNOY suddenly hired an additional half a million job-order ENDOs into the government service. This is dangerous for Du30, why? Because the rank and file gov’t has been heavily infiltrated already with yellows appointees awaiting the orders for destabilization.

      The ENDO practice is illegal in the gov’t service, so to be safe Du30 must terminate all these PNOY ENDO appointees ASAP and rehire, those needed through the regular CSC eligibility system. Terminate all these PNOY ENDOS that are a threat and drain the national budget and there will be more than enough money to hire an additional 100,000 regular police and soldiers, to defeat any coup or destabilization threat.

    10. The US State Dept said:
      * Aids Program and Defense cooperation exist between the USA and PH.
      How about if Du30 rejected the above?

      *Relationship built on shared sacrifices for democracy and human rights.
      Who will determine the shared sacrifices of democracy and human rights?

      Those are the two arguments of Kerry. But, Kerry and the most unpopular president of the US who buried American Taxpayers including me, into $20 Trillions of debts are now being kicked out by the American electors.

      My favorite president Donald J. Trump, whom he knows I directly campaigned for him is coming up. As a Fil-Am, I hope and pray for the unity of the United States. The problem now in the Philippines is the reigning president is surrounded by leftist advisers.

      Most importantly, the Philippines needs an adviser who are pro-American Democracy. Obviously, China (the most abusive country and proven thief) and Russia are not democratic and they are anti-American.
      Ask the Filipinos: Who do you want to be the super power? Russia, China or the United States of America. According to the study, the Filipinos are more loyal to the USA than the Americans do. Will this change during the Du30 administration?

      • Duterte administration is composed of pro-US advisers and secretaries only 3 are leftists. Foreign Ministry secretary yasay is a pro-US and his children are american citizens. Duterte already admits during a speech in a military camp that he can’t remove U.S. presence in PH since no one can match china’s military other than U.S. There are also more than a million of Filipino having family in U.S. and 200 thousand Americans had family here in PH so it’s impossible for Duterte to break military ties with U.S.

      • Give us a break.

        What do you expect from a country that was colonized for several decades by the US? That there is a strong pro-American sentiment among Filipinos is an obvious consequence of decades of American influence in our country.

        Who among the US, China or Russia comes on top as superpower? They are practically the same power-hungry bananas. As a Filipino, I really don’t care. What’s on the top of my interest is my country’s interest. Why should we choose when we can let the giants quarrel among themselves while distancing ourselves at the same time protecting our national interest?

      • Filipinos aren’t what they used to be. Maybe FilAms living in America are more loyal than other US born citizens.

        There is no denying that US is being taken over by China as a super power, followed closely behind by Russia.

    11. Edwin g. Trompeta on

      Coincidentally, VP Ribredo is currently in the states presumably on vacation despite the highly reported typhoon about to hit her province and region. Must be part of the steps to provide her with a comprehensive briefing on what to do and how to implement the oust Duterte plan. Neat!

    12. Everything is possible if the U.S. government wants to get involved in Philippine politics. The CIA is being suspected in destabilizing efforts against foreign government which does not follow the line of support to their government. The Duterte administration should be careful and alert against the moves of the opposition to end his rule in favor of Filipino politicians who they can control. Rody should have his AFP and PNP to be careful of troublemakers in the opposition because Goldberg is accused of his destabilizing efforts in the countries he is being assigned.