• US-TSA audits NAIA terminals security


    The four terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) 1 on Tuesday has been the subject of scrutiny anew by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency under the US Homeland Security Department tasked to conduct airport assessment worldwide.

    All entries of the four terminals were closely monitored by the TSA personnel to determine if the present set up of airport security is in satisfactory condition.

    The TSA’s effort in doing inspections in the airport security is in connection with the airlines that have routes to the United States, and which committed to bring benefits to the international passengers, as well as to determine that the country’s premiere airport has complied with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s safety standards.

    There are two existing foreign airlines operating at the NAIA Terminal 1 that had US destinations, these are Delta Airlines and Micro Asia.

    The Philippine Airlines have three direct flights to the US mainland – the PR 102 (Los Angeles), PR 112 (Los Angeles) and PR 104 (San Francisco), respectively. The other US flight, PR 110 flies to Guam.

    The assessment covered security program, quality control, airport ID processing and access controls, contingency and emergency plans, cargo security, perimeter and terminal access control systems as well as passenger and cabin baggage screening system.

    Manila International Airport Authority general manager Jose Angel Honrado hoped that the present TSA security audit would not find any single flaws in the airports’ security.

    “I hope there won’t be any significant concern. They will also visit airlines flying to the US mainland and cargo handlers,” he stressed.

    The TSA audit team came last week and will have to stay in the country until December.

    According to Honrado, the last time that the TSA visited the country was November 14 to 19, 2011.

    One TSA personnel who refused to be identified was quoted as saying when asked what her observation to NAIA 1, “the airport is quite okay.” Benjie L. Vergara


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