US will ‘set an example for world’ on climate change: Kerry


JOHN-KERRY20150430WASHINGTON, DC: The United States intends to “set an example for the world” in fighting climate change, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday, adding that the issue is a US foreign policy priority.

“Our ambassadors will be directed to develop meaningful commitments and creative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Kerry said in an op-ed in The Hill newspaper, a Washington publication covering Congress and politics.

The United States is the second largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world after China.

Kerry’s comments to The Hill appeared the same day that he revealed a report setting guidelines for American diplomacy priorities.

“The State Department and America will set an example for the world to follow toward a healthier, safer planet,” Kerry said in The Hill.

“Here at home, we will collaborate with Congress, mayors, CEOs, faith leaders and civil society to address this existential issue,” he said.

The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, which Kerry presented Tuesday, identifies “the effects of climate change as a threat to our national security.”



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