Ushering 2017 in black and gold glam


Becky Garcia

The invite said come in glam black and gold and the guests were just too happy to oblige. Men and women donned black and gold glam the night Juancho and Pinky Tobiano Robles held an elegant dinner for a select few.

A long overdue get together, Pinky Tobiano Robles opened her home to her closest friends and transformed her living space into an elegant dinner setup complete with a live band. Friend and style connoisseur Ferdie Salvador was responsible for giving the ‘tablescapes’ a breathe of life with his personal touch of elegance and panache.

Hosts Juancho and Pinky Tobiano Robles

When dinner concluded, the party had begun. The live band prompted the start of the night’s game, “Name that Tune,” where Those who would be able to guess the name of a certain melody would not only win a special prize, but also must come on stage and sing the song in its entirety.

The guests danced and sang the night away, relishing in the impromptu musical performances from Ricky Davao and the Tony Bennett of the Philippines, Arthur Manuntag. Lord of Scents Joel Cruz was a revelation when he sang and danced with gusto. Singer Rhada also performed before announcing that she would part of the program for the Miss Universe welcome dinner, the Governor’s Ball.

It was truly a fun filled night and guests stayed longers for more games.

To Pinky and Juancho, you are truly the perfect hosts!!!


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