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We are a country of dreamers and resiliency as out of all the countries in the world, the citizens of the Philippines have always risen above any crises—believing for greater days ahead. However, we have to acknowledge that in order for these dreams to come true, we need a little help sometimes.

One such platform who offers this kind of assitance is New Union, which was founded by my former Management Information Systems teacher, Edison Tsai.

When asked what a Union is, “Mr. Tsai” (as we fondly called him) explained, “New Union is South East Asia’s largest Business Financing Platform where local businesses seeking short-term financing connect with individuals and businesses seeking short-term investments.”

Established with a “vision to connection local businesses and global investors,” New Union has already given close to P100-billion worth of funds since it launched in 2014.

Looking back, this vision, according to Mr. Tsai, began with a team of entrepreneurs who initially started out as freelancers

“It is through the journey of managing a bootstrap company that we were able to understand and experience first-hand the bittersweet journey of being an entrepreneur,” Mr. Tsai noted, reflecting how he was able to build the company from scratch.

Edison Tsai

He, along with his co-founders, represents a unity between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), financiers, and technology. Today, New Union has offices in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Cambodia and Philippines.

In his efforts to introduce his company even further, Mr. Tsai continued, “New Union is inspired by the desire to support fellow business owners through crowd lending. New Union serves both businesses and investors.”

In other words, businesses through New Union help achieve their potential through alternative financing solutions. Investors, on the other hand, are given a wide array of new businesses that they can invest in and potentially help grow.

When asked for his company’s vision, he responds, “As Asia’s leading crowd lending platform, our goal is to support local SMEs with alternative financing for business growth by enabling investors (like you and me) to lend them directly as a form of investment.”

He then continues, “The support for SMEs growth is crucial in an emerging market like the Philippines where it accounts for 99.57 percent of businesses registered in the country. We envision a country that has long been divided by its geographic limitations and political differences to be united through technology for a common good, and that is to uplift the entire nation through SMEs and Investors growth.

“It is the everyday businesses and people that will truly transform the landscape of the country for generations to come, and we can achieve this through New Union’s platform. New Union brings a new era of alternative financing and investment for everyone, and we sincerely invite you to join us in this new age financing journey,” Mr. Tsai ended.

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