• Ushering good fortune



    Filipinos must truly have a penchant for festive celebrations for the New Year. We also unwittingly follow age-old superstitious traditions just to usher the New Year and hope for more prosperity in the coming year.

    With fireworks filling the New Year’s Eve sky, people dressed in polka dot clothes and red shirts, kids jumping up and down, we all welcomed 2014 with much fanfare. In our home, we made sure the radio was playing full blast, coins scattered in doorways, and rooms fully lit on December 31.

    The hardest part about a New Year, though, is trying to gain back the momentum for work and its stresses. Even more, the first week of January also ushers back traffic woes and early morning alarm bells for most parents and families who return to work and school. A lot of people too greet January with guilt pangs from all the party food and sweets consumed over the holidays.

    It was actually amusing to hear my own sisters embark on their own “juicing” diets this week, slightly blaming the calories gained from lunches and dinners during the season’s holidays. Alas, it’s no surprise that all these slimming salons have billboards advertising post-Christmas promos on the best way to lose those unwanted pounds gained last month.

    But the one thing that never ceases to tweak my interest at New Year are horoscopes and Feng Shui predictions foretelling what fortune we should all expect this 2014. Being the Year of the Horse, I had thought those born under this sign would expectedly be luckiest. But as I skimmed through what the experts had to say, I realized things aren’t as simple as that. Hopefully for those born under the Monkey sign, like me, we might just have a bit of luck at success and good fortune.

    After reading my Horoscope and these Fengn Shui predictions, I actually feel slightly wary about the year ahead and have opted to take each prediction with a grain of salt.

    By chance, with family in tow, we then watched Disney’s movie Frozen before the New Year. The movie is about the svelte, strong-minded, ice maiden Princess Elsa who reluctantly takes the reigns of the monarchy. Elsa then overcomes her deepest fears and simply sheds her anxieties and uncertainties in the end. Sorry for sounding quite shallow, but it’s interesting how Disney movies often have a seemingly simple storyline that can move one to brood over life’s questions.

    In the movie, Elsa belts out the song, “Let it Go” to express her resolve; but to me, the song aptly captures the spirit and attitude we must all have for a New Year. Like Elsa’s character, letting go of one’s mistakes, bitterness and anxieties from the past is the best New Year’s resolution I can make, and one I intend to see through this 2014.

    As they say, the New Year seems to be an opportune time to keep one’s own priorities in check, to see things in retrospect, and to be more resolute. And whatever we all choose to do, or plan to embark on, may we all find good fortune and unexpected success this 2014!


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