Using the one-arm shoulder throw for self-defense


Throwing as a combat skill calls for destroying the opponent’s balance, lifting him up in the air and slamming him to the ground. Besides understanding leverage, one must also develop kinesthetic sensitivity or the ability to read the opponent’s intention through body-feel to be able to effectively execute throws. The former is useful in destroying the opponent’s balance while you will rely on the latter to detect if your foe is setting you up for a throw.

In a real fight where there is no safety mat, throwing can inflict serious or lethal injury.

The one arm shoulder throw is one of the most effective skill that could be applied against an attacker especially if he over shoots a punch and you were able to trap his hand between your forearm and bicep and place your body against his. In this position, you can use your legs, hips and arms to lift the thug up in the air and slam him to the floor.
Photo 1 shows an assailant approaching the defender from behind. Photo 2 shows assailant grabs the defender and initiates a punch. Photo 3 shows the defender immediately reacting by checking the attacker’s punching hand and attacking his groin. Photo 4 shows the defender trapping the attacker’s arm and positioning his body to execute a throw. Photo 5 shows the attacker being lifted up using the one-arm shoulder throw. Photo 6 shows the assailant being slammed against the concrete floor and held securely by the defender.

Any follow up is possible for the defender in this situation.

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