Using the stick to apply a choke


arnis-stickBesides being an impact weapon, the escrima stick can be also used to apply chokes.

In most systems of escrima, arnis and kali, the shaft and the butt of the stick are employed to execute locks, throws and chokes with the latter considered the most lethal.

Using the stick to apply pressure on the neck area is deadly and justifiable only in situations wherein there is an imminent grave threat to your life. An excerpt from Clinical Forensic Medicine: A Physician’s Guide by Margaret M. Stark, tells of the dangers of applying pressure on the neck: “Pressure on and around the neck is well known to be potentially lethal action. Death can be caused following compression of the neck by any one of four mechanisms or by combination of two or more of them —airway obstruction by direct compression of the larynx or trachea, occlusion of the veins in the neck (however, the large reserve capacity of the venous system makes it unlikely that rapid death would result even if complete occlusion was achieved), compression or occlusion of the carotid arteries (occlusion of the carotid circulation for a period of 4 minutes or more may result in brain damage), the fourth mechanism by which death can occur during pressure to the neck results from stimulation of the vagus nerve by direct pressure in its course down the neck or as a result of stimulation of the carotid sinus. Vagal stimulation results in bradycardia (slowing of heartbeat) which may progress to asystole (a state of zero cardiac electrical activity) or, in some cases, immediate asystole.”



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