• Uy: Vios Cup 2016 season won’t be easy


    Despite winning the second race of the Super Sporting class during the first round of the 2016 Vios Cup, veteran racer Allan Uy sees this year’s series as more challenging.

    “Definitely it’s not going to be easy this season because everybody is really fast. Everybody is really fast, especially in the new [Super Sporting] class,” the Toyota Quezon Avenue driver said.

    During the second race of the new Super Sporting Class in the opening round of the 2016 Vios Cup, Uy defeated his younger rivals down the line in a closely contested final lap.

    After a fourth place finish in the first race of the season in the Super Sporting class, Uy bounced back in the second race to snatch a victory.

    Uy edged his close rivals Andres Calma, the winner of the first race and the 2015 Sporting class champion, and Daniel Miranda, by a slim margin of less than a second.

    He posted a total time of 36:11.512 in 12 laps while Calma and Miranda registered 36:11.772 and 36:12.5, respectively in the second race of their race class.

    “Andres Calma, Daniel Miranda and Estefano Rivera are very fast drivers. During the first race I was just trying to catch up to them,” Uy said,

    “Everything leveled up when they got their weight penalties because of the results of the first race, so I managed to catch up in the second race. I guess because of their weight penalties I was able to win the second race,” he said.

    Uy added his will was really tested by his foes in the final stretch of the race, but explained he defended his position until the waving of the checkered flag.

    “I tried to go as fast as I can in the second race but unfortunately Calma was also going fast. When we were turning in the corners, I just tried to defend my spot against him because he was really gaining on me. I was just lucky to defend the first place position in the end,” he stated.

    Uy will try his best to stay on top in the next legs of the one-make race series despite the weight penalties he will be carrying.

    “Next race, I’m not sure about it [being the racer to beat]but I guess maybe not because of the weight penalty. But of course I will try my best to stay in front,” he said.

    The former karting standout also commended the creation of a third class for the Vios Cup to boost competition for experienced drivers like him.

    “I think it’s really good that they put up a Super Sporting Class to give the other guys at the back a chance to win in the Sporting class. But like as said, it’s not going to be easy this season because everybody is really fast,” he added.


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