• VACC: Aquino ‘politicizing’ campaign against crime


    ANTI-crime advocates on Wednesday decried President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s continued refusal to listen to the call of the public to replace Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima, saying the stand of the President clearly manifests his anti-victim stance.

    The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) said the alarming rise in criminality is mainly because of Purisima’s incompetence.

    “The President’s staunch support to Purisima amid a mounting crime wave and an evidently weak and inefficient law enforcement is an unfortunate manifestation of his blind reliance on his KKK [kaibigan, kamag-anak at kabarilan] instead of solidly being pro-victims,” VACC chairman  Dante Jimenez said during a hearing conducted by the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs.

    Jimenez also accused Aquino of politicizing crime fighting because the accommodation being given to Purisima is killing all efforts to maintain law and order in the country.

    “The loyalty of the President to Purisima is a clear indication that he is willing to sacrifice the safety of the millions of Filipinos, whom he claimed to be his ‘bosses,’ just to keep his appointees happy,” the VACC chief pointed out.

    Jimenez asked the committee chairman, Sen.  Grace Poe, to look into reports of “reinstatement for sale” at the National Police Commission (Napolcom), wherein suspended police officers can get reinstated in exchange for a fee.

    He also wanted the quota system probed, wherein low ranking police officers are ordered to raise money from illegal activities in their areas and forward the proceeds to their superiors on a weekly basis.

    Jimenez said the quota system is the reason why illegal gambling operations such as jueteng continue to flourish.

    He noted that it is only now that his  group feels so hopeless because policemen have now become criminals themselves.

    The VACC sees further deterioration of peace and order in the country because of the coming Christmas season and preparations for the 2016 national elections.

    Poe, however, said although she is disappointed with Purisima, sacking the PNP chief would not erase the problems at the police organization and would even spare its chief of any liability.


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    1. The NAPOLCOM should be abolished. It has outlived its purpose. All administrative cases against erring police personnel should to transferred to other relevant agency.

    2. It is very clear in its purpose and wisdom, a civilian entity, with an independent mind that will make unbiased decisions, an entity that is not under the mercy and command of the PNP, and ultimately the check and balance mechanism to ensure that they will not abuse their powers, but in this particular sense, the law is a failure.

      The NAPOLCOM’s investigative and monitoring powers are vested in its Inspection, Monitoring and Investigation Service (IMIS) but at present it is headed by a retired police colonel, Atty. Reynato Alberto, and supervised by a commissioner from PNP under the name of Luisito Palmera, an ex-PNP general.

      Luneta. Sadly, the Luneta Hostage Crisis is a mirror of our present police organization. Behold what corruption has done.

      Let us not allow another Luneta Hostage Crisis to repeat. Let us learn from its lesson. It is never too late. “Luneta Hostage Crisis”, is a very sensational case witnessed by the international community and almost all the foreign Medias around the world, but up to this date, this case is still pending in NAPOLCOM. Imagine what will happen to a case filed in NAPOLCOM against a certain PNP Personnel by a lowly “magbabalut” vendor, uneducated, no connection, and no money; do you think something will happen to that particular case, if they can bungle a very sensational case like the Luneta incident? No wonder why nowadays some PNP personnel involved in high profile cases wants their cases to be investigated by the NAPOLCOM.

      I pray that our Honorable leaders will really look into this problem and conduct interviews to its many disgruntled personnel especially within its Inspection, Monitoring and Investigation Service (IMIS).

      I also pray and appeal to the kind heart of Senator Ed Angara and Senator Franklin Drilon, that they help the Filipino people to convince their close friend and fraternity brother in the Sigma Rho in the University of the Philippines College of Law, Commissioner Eduardo Escueta, to do an…

    3. Purisima is the head of the national police organization that has a criminal organization inside of it. We do not have rogue cops. We have wholesale criminal activites being run by the same ones running the PNP. I am sure everyone inside the PNP knows or has an idea of the organization. We need an outside agency (NBI?) to investigate. The PNP cannot rid itself of this organized crime within its ranks.