VACC asks Duterte to bring closure to Ninoy assassination


THERE is no point commemorating the death of former senator Benigno Aquino Jr. every year when the masterminds behind his murder remain unknown, Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) Chairman Dante Jimenez said Tuesday.

Jimenez lamented the failure of two Aquino administrations in putting closure to the case by unmasking the real masterminds.

“Two Aquino presidencies have passed and even with their influence and power the people still do not know who are the people responsible for Ninoy’s death,” said the VACC chairman, referring to the administrations of Corazon Aquino and son Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd.

Jimenez said the soldiers who were convicted by the court for the 1983 slay at the Manila airport were mere “pawns.”

The country on Monday commemorated the 34th anniversary of the assassination, which paved the way for the overthrow of the Marcos regime in 1986.

Duterte in his message paid tribute to the late senator for causing positive and meaningful changes in society.

“Even at a time when hope was lost, he remained steadfast in his struggle to restore democracy through non-violent means. His deeds have taught us that we should always aspire for the common good — even if one must go against the grain — and do what is necessary,” the President said in his statement.


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