VACC eyes suit vs bishops for ‘meddling’


THE Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) on Sunday said it was mulling filing a case against the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for interfering with the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign and blocking moves to restore the death penalty.

Dante Jimenez, founding chairperson of the VACC, claimed the CBCP has been using the Church to hinder the administration’s drive to eradicate illegal drugs that have been victimizing millions of the Filipinos.

“The CBCP should understand that there is a separation of state and church. Why are they insisting on the moral grounds of fighting illegal drugs? Are they receiving drug money?” Jimenez said.

The legal team of the VACC is studying whether there is a way to bring CBCP to court for refusing to respect the separation of church and state which is enshrined in the Constitution, he said.

“I will not let them (CBCP) get away with it… they should be more active in helping those who are in need and the victims of illegal drugs,” said Jimenez.

He suggested that instead of attacking the government for its position on death penalty and illegal drugs, members of the CBCP should visit drug-prone communities, reach out to drug addicts and convince them to change their ways.

The CBCP has objected to the restoration of death penalty in the country, a measure pending in Congress.

“When we condemn violence, we cannot ourselves be its perpetrators, and when we decry murder, we cannot ourselves participate in murder, no matter that it may be accompanied by the trappings of judicial and legal process,” Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas, the CBCP president, earlier said.

Jimenez said: “They (CBCP) don’t own the belief of the people on death penalty. That is why I believed that they are violating the Constitution.”

CBCP executive secretary Fr. Jerome Secillano, in an earlier statement, said the Church was prepared to help in the rehabilitation of drug users through treatment centers in various provinces, providing scholarship programs and livelihood projects for reformed drug dependents.


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  1. Virgilio V. Hernandez on

    VACC should review the minutes of the Constitutional Commission and see the true meaning of the separation of church and state.

  2. Catholic Priest meddling in government affairs dates back to the days of Roman Empire (which created Roman Catholic Church) where political men / officials are appointed as Pontiffs or high Bishops to “holy see” or govern their church. To this day that the vast empire had shrank to just the size of Luneta they called Vatican, the Priests still want to hold on to power. VACC will have a tough time on this. Anyway, CBCP is so used to meddling, even taking money from gambling (Pagcor and jueteng) and yet has the audacity to talk about moral values. I wished VACC would hit them hard.

  3. CBCP are a bunch of idiots that hampered this country for the longest time to eradicate drug menace, law and order. Mind your own business and stop conducting presscons for every bishop or archbishop who wants to say something. Try consolidating your stand or much better fix your teachings first, since majority of your teachings if not all contradicts the bible.

    • This is the root cause of these problems because of people like you who claim to be Christians or Catholics but really don’t understand the TEACHINGS of the Church founded by Jesus Christ. When God says “Thou shalt not kill”, no man made laws can change that.

  4. Walk for life… go go go.. We are against EJK and against of Death Penalty. Express freedom of speech and to act against ANTI-LIFE Giving ACT. It is because we are affected as people of God: A Church and A State…

  5. Jesus showed that persons possessed by devils ( such as thieves) can be saved, but devils possessed by addicts are on predeparture to hell …. during His time, there was death penalty like stoning and hanging …. can’t the CBCP see that man executed the Lord by hanging? …. or is CBCP looking the other way?

  6. bishops and priests should run in the coming elections, and prove their worth is they win. who gave them authority to keep on telling us what is the right thing to do?

  7. Do the right constitution for those religions so they will not put their leg inside pretending to be concern.


    Siguro humawak din kayo sa palayok kaya meron din kayong uling sa mukha! At yan ang kina-ka-takutan ninyo…DEATH PENALTY…

    Noong araw pa man ay meron nang parusang kamatayan, kahit si Jesus ay naparusahan ng kamatayan! ( mali nga lang ang husga ng gobyarno kasi noon meron na ring “currupt” )

    Ang talaganmg maganda ninyo gawin CBCP ay lapitan ninyo ang mga addict at bilangin ninyo isa-isa para alam ninyo na marami na ang lumalabag sa batas ng Diyos at hindi lang sa batas ng Gobyarno. Para magising kayo, hindi ninyo ginagampanan ang tunay na pagka-alagad ng Diyos…”PERIOD”


  8. CBCP, if you are going to help, just help. Don’t grandstand like “TRAPOS”. You are standing on Philippine soil. Obey its earthly rules. You can not enforce your heavenly rules on earthlings but only on their spiritual souls.

    • Jimenez is becoming a puppet of Duterte same with congress and senate. Only 1 man is running the country !

    • Dante Jimenez resigned from the VACC in 2010 and said he lost faith in the judicial system after the Supreme Court acquitted Hubert Webb.
      How is Martin Diño, the former VACC Chair who gave way for DU30 to enter the presidential race? I think, he is now the Chair of SBMA. Ang layo na ng narating niya! Nakakainggit naman si Martin Diño!!!!!

  9. CBCP is “prepared to help”, what the hell are you waiting for then? Act! After all you are suppose to help the people who are in need! Good for you VACC for doing something about these bundle of bishops that have not done anything to help the victim of crimes. CBCP should use its resources going to places and educate the youth and parents with the danger of drugs not only to the body but to the community as a whole! Gising na mga pari!

    • CBCP will not use their resources cause they just good on asking limos of their poor constituent! not 1 but twice kung manghingi!!!

  10. CBCP, if you are going to help, just help. Don’t grandstand like “TRAPOS”. You are standing on Philippine soil. Obey its earthly rules. You can not enforce your heavenly rules on earthlings on their spiritual souls.

  11. CBCP, you have said your piece. Everybody heard you. Now, don’t coerced the lawmakers to make their independent decisions to enforce your stand by blackmailing them on the next election date. You have to learn how to stand back, play only the spiritual role of the nation but not as an active player in governing. There is a limit you can do to discern the separation of the church and of the state. This must be clear so as not to confuse the people. Violate this and it will be the start of your permanent downfall because people will perceive that you are not doing what you are preaching and you are just a lie.