• VACC has proof to pin down Leah Cruz


    THE Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) said it has enough evidence to pin down Leah Cruz, the woman it describes as the Department of Agriculture’s “version” of Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Dante Jimenez, founding chair of the VACC, said his group has the documents and witnesses to support its allegations against Cruz, who reportedly raked in almost P200 million by monopolizing garlic imports.

    The VACC said only Cruz’s companies were given importation permits by the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), an agency under the Agriculture department.

    The VACC has filed a complaint against Cruz before the Department of Justice. Included in the complaint are two key BPI officials. Cruz and the officials were accused of “illegal combinations and monopolizations in restraint of trade, in rampant violation of Article 186 of the Revised Penal Code.”

    Jimenez said the BPI approved import permits to nine companies owned by Cruz.

    “We have proof that some of the companies linked to Cruz have no addresses, similar to the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of Napoles,” Jimenez said.

    Napoles, who has been jailed, is facing a Department of Justice inquiry for allegedly manipulating releases of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to sham NGOs she established.


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    1. gabriel vaticano on

      im starting to believe that since theres so many and has been happening for too long now, that we a genetically predisposed to becoming one

    2. Why don’t the VACC focus on previous scam of the DA. remember the Joc-Joc Bolante scam of almost 1 billion? anyare dito?

    3. It just boggles the mind how many Napoleses and Cruzes in our midst!! This is a result of a society whose laws are very porous; cheating and stealing are the norms. Officials who are suppose to be the vanguards of society can be bribed, hence the pervasive corruption, that has since part of the Filipino DNA. Moreover, the elected officials who promise the people the moon, are themselves the biggest thieves and murderers. And we wonder why cases like the Ampatuan Massacre, the Arroyo wholesale corruption lay still and gathering molds? This pork barrel scam will be in the courts way beyond the end of this administration, and then, it will be just another story being shared at the water cooler. In the meantime, the Enriles, the Revillas, the Estradas of the world had mastered a better way of stealing without being caught.

    4. There are more Napoles’ and Cruz’ in this administration, this is guaranteed. The rest operate similar to these two but others have different procedure to avoid detection. An audit of all NGO’s and similar organizations in government list is in order. In the audit, the NGO’s which are fake and those made fronts by Congressmen and Senators can easily be identified.

    5. The NBI and the PnP must join force regarding another Napoles in the making who is these Mrs. Leah Cruz whose name as been tag as another Queen Scam. Our Country Philippines is getting jackpot by slowly getting after those involved of sabotaging the taxpayers money. They should investigate the woman to get her side if she’s really involved or evidence to pin her down. Paging DILG sec. Mr Palengke Roxas now is your time to shine. Aquino has 3 tears more left.