VACC marks 26th year of ‘Boboy’ Jimenez’s death


The 26th death anniversary of engineer Jaime “Boboy” Jimenez Jr. was celebrated on Tuesday in Naga City, Camarines Sur, with a gift-giving for street children called “Alay Kay Boboy” by the Kalayag Foundation of the Jimenez family.

His death was remembered by his immediate family members, the Mariners schools, the advocacies which were born after his demise but more especially by people whose lives he touched.

Boboy had a special attachment to poor children even at his young age when he would go out of his way to gather street children and distribute gifts that enlivened their Christmas spirit.

Engineer Boboy, as he was fondly called by his friends and members of the academic community, is missed up to now in the campuses where he served as officer in different capacities.

He death was the handiwork of a drug syndicate.

As such, it inspired his older brother Dante Jimenez to establish the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC).

Boboy’s death also inspired VACC to expand its horizon as it continues to register an impact not only on the Mariners Academic Community but to Filipinos all over the country as well, with relatives of crime victims finding solace and hope in their search for justice through the organization.

The VACC proves that he did not die in vain as it continues to be a source of strength and inspiration for the family and the advocates who continue to fight crime and corruption.


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