VACC supports PSL’s fight for corruption


The Violence Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) vowed to support the Philippine Swimming League (PSL) in its effort to fight for corruption in sports.

VACC President and Founder Dante Jimenez said “you may count on VACC for whatever support we can extend to PSL in this issue, what ever led to this questionable situation of our sports which seem to have been politicized and corrupted.”

PSL President Susan Papa and Senator Pia Cayetano asked the Senate of the Philippines to let the Philippine Sport Commission explain on how the agency’s budget has ben disburse for the past years.

“Among the issues raised, Senator Cayetano wants the PSC to explain include the manner how the PSC allocates monetary support given to the NSAs, athlete groups and individual athletes as well as its method in selecting the sport for funding,” said Papa.

During the Senate Hearing, PSC Chairman Ricardo Garcia and Executive Director Guillermo Iroy Jr. were present.

“We need to know how much is given per NSA and if there are separate fundings given to groups that are not NSAs. We like to have a complete list of these and individuals athletes,” quoted Cayetano as saying.

Cayetano added “I will suggest that we suspend interpellation to give them, PSC, time to put together their data and submit to us.”

Jimenez, for his part, said “it is important that abuses and dishonest practices must now put to stop permanently. The young athletes must not be deprive of their human rights, and you have my full support.”

“We are delighted of allies coming in and we want to thanked the patron and Godfather that has been supporting and giving all the wisdom and grace,” added Papa who was with former Senator Nikki Coseteng at the Senate Hearing.


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