VACC tells Robredo: Apologize


VICE President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo should apologize to the Filipino people for her “treacherous” video message against the war on drugs before a United Nations meeting last week, or face legal action.

‘IMPEACH LENI TEAM’ A group of lawyers and volunteers plan to file an impeachment complaint against Vice President Leni Robredo despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s appeal to ‘lay off’ her. From left: columnist Jojo Robles, political analyst Antonio Contreras, Interior department official Epimaco Densing 3rd, Francis Manalo Santos, Rocky Gonzales, Vivian Velez, MJ Quiambao Reyes, Bruce Rivera and Trixie Cruz-Angeles. PHOTO FROM MJ QUIAMBAO REYES

This was the demand of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) in a letter to Robredo dated March 21.

The letter, signed by VACC founding chairman Dante Jimenez, said Robredo’s claims in her video message were unfounded, biased and unverified.

VACC particularly cited Robredo’s supposedly inaccurate description of the “palit ulo” or head-swap scheme, or the alleged practice of the police to arrest members of a drug suspect’s family should he or she refuse to surrender, and her claims of “more than 7,000 people killed in summary executions.”

“It is quite unfortunate that the Vice President had resorted to name-calling and unfounded accusations, and in such a blatant fashion to get her message across,” the VACC stated in its letter.

“We demand an apology from the Vice President addressed to the Filipino people to forestall any legal action that may be taken against her for her treacherous and unjust statements,” the VACC added.
On Thursday, Robredo told reporters she did not do anything wrong.

“The attacks on me have stepped up these past few days because of my message during the UN side meeting, pero wala akong sinabi na hindi totoo [but I did not lie],” she said.


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  1. Leopoldo Mayo on

    Robredo told reporters she did not do anything wrong: “The attacks on me have stepped up these past few days because of my message during the UN side meeting, pero wala akong sinabi na hindi totoo [but I did not lie].” Telling distorted facts and half-truths is the same as telling lies, Miss Robredo. You also said in another interview: “When we verbalize dissent, it doesn’t mean we want to replace the President. We think removing a President by impeachment or whatever means, we won’t accomplish anything anymore.” Such wandering, illogical thoughts! You can’t even distinguish between your own thoughts and those of your listeners. Indeed, the more you open your mouth and give voice to your thoughts, the more you reveal to the public that you are one woman who can’t be trusted to do what you say. The disconnect in your brain between your thoughts and your words and actions is terrifyingly palpable. I just hope that your remaining supporters and more so the still-adoring media will see through your lies and dissociate themselves from you soon enough. The nation has enough problems as it is without having to deal with and to depend on such vapid-thinking elective leaders as you are, Mrs. Robredo.

  2. This group seems to like to have their pictures taken which probably explains why they complain so much.

    We don’t like this and hey take our picture complaining about it.

  3. I agree that Leni should apologize to the Nation and say she should not have damaged the PH reputation on a world-wide stage. Then let’s stop all of this impeachment talk.