• VACC to start own probe on stray bullet incidents


    UNSATIFIED with the efforts of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in resolving crimes involving stray-bullets, anti-crime advocates on Sunday said that they will be carrying out their own investigation of the incidents in order to help the families of the victims attain justice.

    Dante Jimenez, founding chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), also blamed the PNP and the present administration for country’s crime wave due to their incapability to resolve crimes.

    “If the PNP cannot resolve the cases of stray bullet victims, it’s time to throw the towel and we the citizens will resolve it ourselves,” said Jimenez.

    Asked how the VACC would carry out the task, Jimenez said that they would ask the cooperation of citizens to do the intelligence work through barangay networks.

    Jimenez noted that people in the barangay could help in solving stray bullet incidents because they are familiar with the people living in their village and the reputations of their neighbors.

    “The residents can help a lot in identifying individual behind these stray bullet incidents, because they know who among their neighbors own a gun and those who use their firearms irresponsibly,” he added.

    The PNP has recorded 28 injuries or deaths caused by stray bullets from December 16, 2013, to January 1, 2014, including the case of a three-month-old infant who was killed in Ilocos Sur.

    Besides stray bullet victims, there are also several individuals who were gunned down by unidentified assailants who have not yet been apprehended by the police.

    Jimenez also cited the case of seven-year-old Stephanie Nicole Ella in Caloocan City who was killed after she was hit by a stray-bullet in January 2013. Her case remains unsolved.

    The VACC also mentioned the daring heist carried out by the so called “martilyo gang” in a jewelry store inside SM Department Store in Quezon City.

    “Criminal are becoming more daring because they are aware of the present administration’s incapability to go after criminals and maintain peace and order,” Jimenez added.


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