• VACC urges: Ninoy’s killing needs closure


    THE commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the EDSA “People Power” uprising will be “meaningless” unless the masterminds of the 1983 assassination of former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. are identified, the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) said on Wednesday.

    VACC founding Chairman Dante Jimenez called for a reinvestigation of the case, lamenting the failure of the two Aquino administrations to unmask those responsible and to put closure to the assassination.

    Jimenez was referring to the governments of Aquino’s widow, former President Corazon Aquino, and son Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd.

    “All commemorations remain an empty justice if the question of who masterminded the death of Ninoy Aquino is left unanswered,” the head of the anti-crime advocacy group said.

    Jimenez said the soldiers who were convicted by the court for the killing were mere “pawns.”

    He admitted that the period of prescription for the prosecution of the crime had lapsed, but the government should still identify the architect of the assassination.

    “We want to find out the truth. We want closure and this can only be done through the identification of the masterminds,” Jimenez said.

    Article 90 of the Revised Penal Code states that “Crimes punishable by death, reclusion perpetua or reclusion temporal shall prescribe in twenty years.”

    Aquino Jr. was assassinated on August 21, 1983 at the Manila International Airport, now called Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

    Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th, Aquino Jr.’s nephew, said the “People Power” revolt belongs to the people and not to the Aquinos, and the historic event did not happen only because of the 1983 assassination.

    “It (revolt) happened because it is the people’s will to bring back democracy and freedom and to fight the widespread corruption,” he said.

    Senator Francis Pangilinan said he saw no problems with the low-key celebration of the anniversary, saying what is important is the recognition of the event that brought back democracy and freedom to the country.

    Duterte won’t attend

    Malacañang earlier announced that the commemoration of the 31st EDSA “People Power” revolt would be “simple and quiet” because President Rodrigo Duterte wants the nation to move forward instead of being stuck in the past.

    The President will not attend the anniversary rites, according to the program released by Malacañang.
    Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea will be the guest of honor in the commemoration at Camp Aguinaldo on Friday.

    EDSA People Power Commission vice chairman Joey Concepcion said Duterte’s absence should not mean the event is not important to him.

    “And it doesn’t mean that he will never attend any event. It just happens that…there are just so many things that are happening in country today, and as a host of the Asean and many other pressing concerns,” he said.



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    1. The Cojuangco/Aquino presidents deliberately stopped the investigation while the living witnesses were being murdered one by one. It the mastermind of the Ninoy Aquino assassination is exposed the Cojuangco/Aquino clan and the yellows can no longer blame it on Marcos. In fact, the people will be even more angry at the Cojuangco/Aquino clan for fooling them into believing that Marcos had Ninoy killed. The yellows have been very successful in twisting history in the past several years.

    2. it is favorable to the yellows and it’s followers if the mastermind remain unmasked, and still out there. once rhe real mastermind is known, that would be the end of the yellows. it is interesting irony that the marcoses are more inclined to ferret out the truth than the aquinos themselves, hence, look at the mother and son who both became ph prez. they won’t even want to mention it. both mother and son, as ph prez, have enormous power to dig deeper if they wish…come on folks! we cannot remain nuts forever!

    3. What for? What if the mom and son didn’t do anything during their terms, who wants it now anyway? D30 is right. Just move on and be done with it! There’s no significance about the date anyway. We’re even worsened after Edsa I. Thanks to D30 the country is a bit quiet and peaceful now. No more fear. No more tagdag bala and people are scared to do anything foolish because D30 might just get them.

    4. He was killed by the Filipino Satanic Illuminati “Yellow Blooded” oligarchy, a sacrificial means to an end, that is why on the 500 peso bill, Ninoy has a fist under his chin which in masonic-illuminati sign language means “death by revolution to all who oppose us.”

      Other proof? Ninoy included the illuminati philosophy known as Hegelian dialectic in his famous Boston speech verbatim “thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis” he said. This is “create the problem, create the solution” strategy of the evil globalist. Surprise-surprise, his son xPNoy repeated the same exact words at his speech in New York, during a state visit. Google transcripts of these two speeches and go read for yourself.

    5. Failure of the settlement of the assasin case increased irresponsibility and corruption which became now culture in the philippines.

    6. The truth may end the myth about the Aquino-Cojuangco clan when people find out it that is all “in the family”. Just look at how lukewarm the mother and son dealt with it. They want the people to love Ninoy and extol his patriotism and martyrdom but do show seriousness or persistence in seeking justice for his murder.

    7. Philippines is democratic country, But its too bad, actually we are DEMOCRACY by papers only. The authorities are playing among in order to hold its power & treat civilians like shit & slave.

      The democratic government should serve their people fairly to enjoy their freedom.
      Should not have any oppression!

      EDSA is not fair, its oppressing someone. Its a greed & lies.

    8. The Aquino Family does not want closure on the death of Ninoy.They will loose political mileage if the issue is dead. They had been using this issue for more than 20 yrs. The best thing to do is not side with anybody on this issue and it will die its natural death.Even young ones who never understand the issue had been brainwashed to go tp their side.So the best thing to do is ignore the issue. Even the Aquinos, two became President for a total of 12 yrs did not do anything to solve the issue.Let the issue die down to its own death.The netizen should band together good of the country, no matter who is the president.

    9. The yellows are still using that old ladpag na laspag line about bringing democracy back. Well, mr senator, democracy will not feed your family. Why do they think that more and more Filipinos go to countries in the Middle east to find jobs where there is no democracy?

    10. The VACC knows that the powers who orchestrated the killing to bring down Marcos are still around. Two Aquino presidency’s did not want to dig into this. The door is closed forever.

      • Why would Aquino’s dig it when they know exactly who was the mastermind of the crime…If it only bring extreme shame to their family, then they better remain silent about it for family sake…

      • Cory was informed by Raul Gonzales, one who dig deep into the matter that a powerful relative was behind the killing.

    11. Failure of the settlement of the assasin case increased irresponsibility and corruption which became now culture in the philippines.

    12. Corgi the Welch on

      Ask the heads of the communist party of the PH if they did in fact grenade-bomb the Plaza Miranda LP rally and the assassinated Benigno Aquino. If the answer is a big, fat NO, one can pretty much draw a highly probable conclusion that the dictator Marcos was behind it.

      • Hmm, I don’t know if you are just being sarcastic since the communists did own up to the bombing of Plaza Miranda and admitted using it to blame Marcos then to topple him. And no one asked them about it because Victor Corpus volunteered the information in a documentary I-Witness and in an interview with Andanar. And please, do you really believe that the communists cannot lie if you ask them directly? They lied about Plaza Miranda in the past. They can lie again. Now the communists and Ninoy are heroes. Just look at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani. Philippine commies are heroes. And I used to be a leftist who supported the armed struggle of Joma Sison in the 80s because I believed in their lies. Not anymore. Fool me twice and I will go berserk. I will never support the reds and the yellows again. Once was enough. Marcos knew he would be blamed for Ninoy’s assassination so he told Ninoy not to come back just like he knew that the bombing of Plaza Miranda would be blamed on him. Even though I was an anti-Marcos in the past, for some reason, I never believed that Marcos had Ninoy assassinated since I witnessed how he warned Ninoy. Plus, I also knew then that Marcos was not stupid given the anti-Marcos sentiments. Enough with beating up the dead Marcos. We should be beating up the living corrupt officials of today.

    13. Search for Col. Ochoco in America/Australia. Look for Capt. Valerio also. Before Sgt. Pablo Martinez died, he said that the two knew who was the mastermind of the Ninoy Aquino assassination. Sgt. Martinez was the one who brought Rolando Galman to Manila International Airport. I hope that Col. Ochoco and Capt. Valerio are still alive and before they die, they reveal who really was the mastermind.

      • Naku, iba na marahil ang mga pangalan nila kun saan man sila naroroon ngayon. Besides, sa tagal ng panahon, di na rin sila makikilala pa with what they have become now. Surely, they will also be hiding from the mastermind who would want them killed to silence them forever. Pag sure na nila na patay na ang mastermind ay saka na lang yan lilitaw. Ang problema ay nagpa stem cell yata tun mastermind kaya ang lakas uli ngayon.

      • The present generation of yellow historians want these witness accounts buried and forgotten so they can go on brainwashing future generations, and if you by chance dig up the truth, they scream historical revisionism and label you a Marcos loyalist!

      • i agree with LA. it’s a great gamble for Valerio and Ochoco to rat on their principal.
        Look what happened to Martinez. the bicycle he was riding on was bumped from behind by someone which the the newspapers identified as a supervisor of San Miguel Corporation.