‘Vagina artist’ Rokudenashiko to marry British rock musician


TOKYO: Japan’s infamous “vagina artist” has announced her engagement, to a British rocker. Megumi Igarashi, who calls herself Rokudenashiko (good-for-nothing girl), announced Tuesday online that she will wed vocalist and guitarist Mike Scott of The Waterboys, a British folk rock outfit.

Igarashi is currently on trial for obscenity.

“I would like to thank the police from the bottom of my heart for this relationship, because it all started when news about my arrest went viral,” she tweeted on Thursday. “For my wedding ceremony, I would like to invite the prosecutors who indicted me, as well as the police.”

Igarashi was arrested in July 2014 for distributing “obscene” objects, namely sets of digital data comprising 3-D scans of her vagina.

The data was suitable for output on a 3-D printer. The scans were part of a larger online plan to raise money to build a kayak modeled on her vagina.

She was released several days later but was indicted again in Dec. 2014 for “displaying obscene materials publicly.”

Prosecutors have asked the Tokyo District Court for a fine of ¥800,000, while Igarashi insists her art is not obscene. The court is expected to hand down a ruling on the case on May 9. TNS



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  1. David Michael Meyer on

    Well rock your vagina !

    The world is an amazing place -I can remember getting into trouble for referring to a group of women as ladies ..I was told i was categorising the female gender –I was labeling woman–Well i thought I was beng a gentleman ..

    Well now,we have same sex marriage –gender swapping ..etc etc

    The age pf political correctness is so mind boggling it defies interpretation ,,I recall woman wrote a book called men are bastards –A man not to be out done wrote a book called women are bitches…within weeks the women’s groups got together and forced the book off the shelves …Shades of Animal farm

    It has become laughable–I was,and still am a champion of women’s rights …But some of these so called woman activists –lose more for woman than they gain ..

    I remain
    yours faithfully
    Dr David M Meyer (PhD Psych}