• Valentine’s card-and gift-giving


    Who’s idea was it anyway?

    A quick Google search on “When did the tradition of gift giving on Valentine’s Day begin?” yields approximately 12,200,000 results on the Internet, but the most concise reply aptly comes from www.answers.com:

    User watchme09 wrote, “The tradition of gift giving comes from the legend of the Catholic martyr St. Valentine who was imprisoned by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. According to legend, while imprisoned, St. Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. Before he was executed for failing to denounce his faith, St. Valentine allegedly wrote a letter to her and signed it, ‘From your Valentine.’”

    Through history, Valentine’s card giving evolved with romantic add-ons, like roses and chocolates, until anything and everything that could bring a smile to the biggest “whoopee” from significant others were wrapped with a whole lot of love.

    Today, The Manila Times lends a hand to romantics looking for last minute gift ideas for that special someone in the following sidebar.

    Happy Day of the Hearts!


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