• Valisno Bus violated the law –LTFRB


    The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB)’s decision to cancel the franchise of 24 bus units of Valisno Express Liner on Friday is final.

    In a statement, the LTFRB said they have confiscated all the buses’ registration plates and revoked the bus liner’s Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC).

    According to LTFRB, after the investigation, they were able to prove that the operator of Valisno Bus violated the rules and regulations of the agency.

    “It is clear that Valisno Bus company violated rules and regulations stipulated in their CPC thus the Board is cancelling and revoking the permit to operate for 24 of its units” added LTFRB Chairman Winston Ginez.

    After the incident on August 12, which led to the death of four of their passengers and left 30 injured, the LTFRB immediately suspended 62 buses of Valisno Express Liner for 30 days.

    The LTFRB has repeatedly called on the bus company operator Rosalinda Cando-Valisno, however, she refused to attend previous hearings.





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