• Various stakeholders unite, form new maritime group


    MARITIME stakeholders have agreed to consolidate major maritime sectors in the country to instill maritime consciousness among Filipinos as new national and local leaders are to be installed.

    Convenors led by the Philippine Association of Maritime Training Center, Inc., Philippine Association of Maritime Institutions and Philippine Maritime Research, Studies and Services, voted to have an “organizing committee” formed from representatives of various maritime organizations. The coalition was named “Movement for Maritime Philippines” (MMP).

    Consequently, the group formed its organizing committee. Brenda Pimentel, former government maritime official and IMO regional coordinator in East Asia, was elected as ad hoc chairperson to steer MMP into an active potent maritime group. Joining Pimentel in the coalition were known representatives from the manning sectors, maritime schools, training centers, media, mission to seafarers, domestic shipping, women in maritime as well as seafarers and their families.

    The movement assigned some of the leaders to begin drafting a “national maritime agenda” and actively campaign to “mainstream maritime” as key player in national development. Voted as ad hoc members were Capt. Jess Morales from the manning group; Elizabeth Salabas, Arlene Abuid-Paderanga and Merle San Pedro from maritime education; Capt. Arsenio Padilla from the training centers; Leo J. Santiago from maritime media; as well as representatives from Apostleship of the Sea-Manila; domestic shipping, labor, seafarers and women in maritime.

    Invitation to join the movement was extended to other maritime organizations/groups such as those from the ports, fisher-folk, and families deriving their livelihood from the industry.

    The movement has been primed to build and strengthen alliances to push the development of the maritime industry, a crucial step towards the country’s economic progress.

    At the same time, it is promoting its maritime mission into public consciousness, hoping to mainstream maritime to its new leaders, maritime stakeholders and the public at large.


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