Velasco brothers say Pacquiao must regain ‘killer instinct’

Manny Pacquiao practices shadow boxing during training. AFP FILE PHOTO

Manny Pacquiao practices shadow boxing during training. AFP FILE PHOTO

Olympian brothers Mansueto and Roel Velasco said that World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao needs to regain his old “killer instinct” to be able to convincingly beat American Chris Algieri on November 23 in Macau.

“We’re all confident that Manny [Pacquiao] will win, but all of us are expecting a knockout win,” the 40-year-old “Onyok” Velasco, a silver medalist in boxing during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics told The Manila Times in a phone interview. “But since Manny became a born again Christian two years ago, the killer instinct was reduced. It lessened his aggression.”

“In my own point of view, Manny will still win that fight and I don’t like to make any prediction, though,” added Onyok, a light flyweight boxer. “I’m very sure Congressman Manny will not take this fight lightly because Algieri isn’t a pushover. He also wants to prove something.”

The last time Pacquiao (56-5-2 win-loss-draw record with 38 knockouts) scored a knockout win against a foe was when he beat Miguel Cotto in 2009.

Onyok’s older brother Roel, a bronze medalist in boxing during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics said that Algieri’s jabs could absolutely frustrate and hurt Pacquiao especially if the fight goes the distance.

But he believes that if Pacquiao could land even a single knockout punch just like during his heydays, Algieri’s jabs could be neutralized and knockout victory imminent.

“That’s a possibility because Algieri is not that durable. Manny could score a knockout if ever he regains his killer instinct. Other key point is Manny’s endurance. He needs to enhance his endurance for this fight because Algieri has great stamina and endurance,” said Roel Velasco.

Roel, who also works as trainer and coach of the national amateur boxing team, said that he still believes that Pacquiao could easily defeat the unbeaten Algieri (20-0 win-loss record with eight knockouts).

“He [Pacquiao] is still in good condition. We’re hoping to see his killer speed and knockout power again,” Roel added. “Pacquiao’s training program is running so smooth as far as I know.”


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  1. Algieri is young, tall, well-trained, agile and has a great left jab. Manny is short, experienced, older and not as fast as he was. Who will win? We all will find out on November 22, 2014. I can tell Dustin does not like Manny and he is probably betting against Manny winning the fight :)

  2. Well one stupid comment i saw there is algieri is not that durable, huh where do you get that from. Hes had 20 fights winning all of them & only stopped 8 of them. That means he has gone the distance 12 times, doesnt that show his durability. Now we know algieri cant punch at all. He is very feather fisted & manny will have no fear of his power & rightly so so if he can get into him & im sure he can he will hit him. We know algieri can be knocked down as ruslan did it to him, well manny punches faster & with more combinations than him & has better footwork than him. Im just upset that manny took this easy fight in the first place. In 3 years hes only fought 1 welterweight, tim bradley & tim bradley has also only ever fought 1 welterweight manny pac. It seems manny is now scared of fighting guys from his own weight. Is it because they have good power & saw what happened with jmm when he was hit with a good power punch, once in the 3rd round & then the end ko.

    • All fighters go up in weight class as they age. Like we all are as we age, we gain weight accordingly. Manny is competitive but Aligeri will be more than ready for sure. Take note that Manny has a height and reach disadvantage.