‘Veloso is innocent’


Mary Jane Veloso’s alleged recruiter, Maria Cristina Sergio, said the former knew nothing about the 2.6 kilos of heroin seized from her by Indonesian authorities in 2010.

In her 31-page counter-affidavit that she filed as answer to the human trafficking, illegal recruitment and estafa charges filed against her at the Department of Justice, Sergio said Veloso was a victim of two men who persuaded her to carry a bag in exchange for a fee.

Veloso was sentenced to die by firing squad. However, she was granted a reprieve upon the appeal of the Philippine government.

“Ako ay buong pananalig at naniniwalang inosente si Mary Jane Veloso sa kasong pagdadala ng illegal na droga (I believe that Mary Jane Veloso is innocent on charges of carrying illegal drugs),” Sergio said.

She narrated that Veloso told her that two “African-looking men” she only identified as “Ike” and “John” asked her to carry a bag from Malaysia to Indonesia.

Sergio said Veloso did not know that the bag contained illegal drugs.

She admitted that she took Veloso with her to Malaysia on April 22, 2010 but denied that she is a member of an international drug syndicate.

Sergio claimed that it was Veloso who transacted with the two men who they met in a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Sergio said she warned Veloso not to trust the foreigners.

The men offered Veloso a job that she accepted, Sergio said.

She insisted that she should be absolved of the charges of human trafficking and illegal recruitment because she never promised Veloso any job.

Sergio and live-in partner Julius Lacanilao, also a respondent in the cases, sought police protective custody after allegedly receiving threats from Veloso’s family.


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  1. there is a contradiction between the title of the article and what sergio narrated.

    if what sergio narrated is what really transpired during their trip to malaysia, then veloso made herself available as courier of the drugs (whether unknowingly or knowingly) for the two foreigners and therefore guilty of drug trafficking.

  2. I read in a different newspaper that the recruiter maria sergio said when she went with veloso to malaysia they were sat in a cafe when 2 guys spoke to them. They were talking about carrying bags to either singapore or somewhere other country, & maria said she wasnt interested & stopped speaking to them. Now if that is true & veloso carried on speaking to them then she isnt as innocent as we think she is. If she was sopecifically asked to carry bags abroad for someone then either she is completely stupid or is guilty.
    Make your own mind up But it seems maria isnt helping veloso in saying that.

  3. Sergio never promised Veloso job. She was so generous to spend around 50k pesos to buy Veloso a ticket to go to Malaysia with no strings attached. Can you really believe that?