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    VS20141118Another exotic car rises from The Netherlands
    The countless revision in plans is a normal thing whenever an idea is being transformed into reality. Along the way, ideas may evolve and new ideas pop up—and when properly implemented, the finished product will naturally get better. That’s exactly the case as what happened to the Vencer Sarthe supercar. Since its introduction in 2012, the Dutch-made supercar has undergone considerable revisions, and now that a running prototype has been completed and validated, production is finally set to start for the 2015 year model delivery.

    The Vencer Sarthe supercar was introduced to the media back in 2012 and made its world debut at the Top Marques exhibition in Monaco the following year. Even after its introduction, Vencer designers kept on slapping improvements and tweaks into the car until last week, when they finally announced a pre-production version of the supercar.

    The Sarthe takes its name from the Circuit de la Sarthe Lemans race course with designers claiming that it’s design inspiration were based on Le Mans cars from the 1980’s. It’s body is built from carbon fiber, and the chassis, from the light but strong chrome-moly alloy. A Hennessy-tuned 6.3-liter V8 power plant has been placed behind the driver to make the rear wheels spin.

    Exterior features
    The production version of the Vencer Sarthe looks even more striking and powerful than before. The bodywork of the Sarthe is a tight wrapping of the raw power that lies beneath, expressed in smooth lines and profoundly sculpted flanks. The fluent shape of the car allows the lines to run cleanly from the short bonnet to conclude in a typical and aerodynamic long “Kamm” tail. Low, purposeful and sleek, the Sarthe talks performance and agility.

    The MY2015 production model has some notable new exterior design features including a new quarter glass design, open airflow C-pillars, a new engine cover, aerodynamic front splitters and an automatic rear spoiler. The new quarter glass design in clear coat carbon with open C-pillars increase the aerodynamic flow and together with the automatic rear spoiler they provide additional down force on the rear axle. A new engine cover design and larger side air inlets have been integrated to ensure a greater airflow and cooling to the new engine.

    Lightweight interior focused on the essentials
    A completely new interior design brings to life an extraordinary and refined feel, with a clear and clean minimalist focus on only driving essentials. The typical wide door sills, close-fitting cockpit and central driving position of the Sarthe together with a short nose design, complemented by a long windscreen with direct and unrestricted view on the tarmac, are providing an impressive driving experience that lets the driver become one with the open road. Vencer has developed its own Central Information System. The Vencer CIS system is a convenient and concise multitasking digital display that provides all critical information one may need at a glance.

    All interior panels are produced in-house out of carbon fiber to further save weight. A two-tone leather interior with Alcantara inserts comes as standard and is available in virtually unlimited color combinations. Also a wide variety of materials can be selected to customize your car, with many bespoke options to make each Sarthe truly individual.

    New V63SC engine
    The Vencer 6.3L V63SC engine is a new development for the MY 2015 model. This powerful eight-cylinder unit is composed of the best high-end OEM components available. The 6.3L V8 with supercharger boasts 622BHP (457kW) at 6500 rpm, and 838 Nm (618 lb-ft) of torque at 4000 rpm. Vencer has chosen to add a supercharger not only for increased power output, but also for immediate throttle response and impressive torque figures (650 Nm starting at 1500 rpm), adding to the driveability and agility of the car.

    A lightweight chrome-molybdenum chassis with honeycomb structure and full carbon fibre bodywork forms the basis of the car, with an optimal (45%/55%) weight distribution. A sensational power delivery from the engine, a direct and undiluted hydraulic steering feel, a Torsen limited slip differential and optimized suspension for road-use ensure a truly convincing driving experience, whereas the optional four-wheel hydraulic lift system increases usability.

    Vencer will produce one Sarthe unit each month and will be sold at $350,000.


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