• Venezuela eyes tense regional vote


    CARACAS: Venezuelans vote in watershed regional elections Sunday with the opposition set to win a majority of states despite alleged government efforts to impede a high turnout and to confuse voters. The vote is seen as a test for President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition alike after months of deadly street protests that failed to unseat him earlier this year. The opposition Democratic Union Roundtable (MUD) coalition called Saturday on Maduro to immediately expel “Nicaraguan advisors” who it said had been brought to Venezuela to practice electoral fraud. It said they were “specialized in abrupt changes of voting stations, a technique used by the Nicaraguan government to disconcert opposition voters.” The MUD has cried foul over last-minute changes to the locations of 274 polling stations in 16 states from areas where they polled strongly in the 2015 legislative elections.


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