Venezuela’s Maduro accuses opposition leader of treason


CARACAS: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday (Friday in Manila) accused opposition leader Julio Borges of treason for embarking on a European tour to rally international powers against Caracas. Borges, who leads the National Assembly that Maduro effectively shut down by creating a new Constituent Assembly in July, has held meetings this week with the leaders of France, Spain, Germany and Britain, with Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday pledging her “unwavering support” for the opposition. “It makes no difference to me what Merkel says or the queen of England, in Venezuela we have justice. We don’t take orders from London, or Madrid, or Washington,” he told the new legislative body. Maduro accused Borges of conspiring with US President Donald Trump, who recently imposed tough new sanctions on Caracas. The Trump administration has denounced Maduro as a dictator.



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