• Ver mistress ordered evicted from Forbes Park mansion


    Her fall from grace is all but complete.

    A Makati judge has ordered the former mistress of the late Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Fabian Ver to be immediately evicted from the Forbes Park mansion lent to her by Dr. Daniel Vazquez.
    Edna Camcam had been occupying the mansion rent-free for the last 20 years.

    Vazquez lent the house on Cambridge Circle, North Forbes to Camcam upon the request of Ver, the much-feared AFP chief who famously asked permission from then President Ferdinand Marcos to open fire on the civilians who massed at Edsa during the 1986 People Power revolt.

    Camcam had been Ver’s companion since the late part of the Marcos era, although the general was married with children.

    Judge Joselito Villarosa in his decision dated February 10 also ordered the Philippine National Police to assist in the eviction to ensure its peaceful implementation.

    He also ordered Camcam to pay Vazquez P250,000 a month since January 2012 when Vazquez requested her to vacate the property.

    Instead of paying rent, Camcam sued Vasquez, claiming that she was the true owner of the property.

    The eviction of Camcam is separate from the ownership case that was settled late last year in favor of Vasquez.

    Makati judge Winlove Dumayas said in a decision in December that Vazquez was the “undisputed” owner of the property, a fact that even Camcam admitted in court.

    The judge said that it was Camcam herself who declared in a legal document titled “Guaranty” that it was Vazquez who owned the mansion, although she had the right to purchase it from Vazquez.

    That right expired in 1996 and was never exercised. Camcam, however, claimed to have fully paid for the property but admitted in court that she issued the checks in the name of a company associated with Vazquez instead, and was not even sure if the checks had been encashed.

    Besides Camcam’s own admission in her Guaranty, Dumayas also said Vazquez had all the legal documents to prove ownership including the title.

    Camcam fled with Ver to the United States in the aftermath of the Edsa Revolt, which will celebrate its 28th anniversary next week.


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    1. It is also possible that she owns it using Ver’s money to buy it. Vasquez is probably a dummy of Gen. Ver who is now taking advantage of it. I think the real owner of it is the government. The PCGG should have sequestered it long time ago but it’s in Vasquez name no evidence that Gen. Ver or Camcam owns the property. It’s possible.