• Veritas Survey shows Aquino’s insulted ‘Boss’ knows Tuwid na Daan is a sham


    THE President is now known to most people as a foe of the Truth, despite the effort of the most powerful media organizations in our country, supported by international bodies and news organizations, to downplay his and his men’s daily mendacious rantings.

    One silly lie BS Aquino tells every day is to say over and over again that he looks up to the Filipino people as his “Boss.” When he first told this lie in a nationally televised speech, all the media—social, broadcast and print—responded with gratitude and approval. Now, after five years of his rule, most of the people know he was just fooling—in colloquial Tagalog, “nambobola lang”—and in fact looks down on them and ignores and insults them instead of serving them and caring for their interests.

    Still, some of our fellow Filipinos—even if they do know what a hypocrite BS Aquino is, how much he has betrayed the highest universal values, how many empty promises he has cynically made, how he has injured the Philippine Republic by his criminal actions and wrong-headed decisions, how he and his administration have helped make the poorest of the poor even poorer—also dishonestly express faith in his uprightness. Some, perhaps, because of their love for this unworthy president’s late parents, do not tell opinion-poll takers the truth about how disgusted they are with him.

    This is the reason only one in every two Filipinos replied to the latest Veritas Truth Survey researchers that they believe BS Aquino has failed to curb corruption and is not at all treading the Daang Matuwid.

    Had the Yellow Army fanatics been as honest in answering the questions as the “normal” Filipinos, the Veritas Truth Survey results would have been more damning of the generally untruthful, hypocritical and corrupt Aquino administration.

    Veritas is the Roman Catholic Church-owned radio network. The latest Veritas Truth Survey was conducted in the second quarter of 2015 (April-June).

    It reveals that 41 percent of Filipinos doubted whether the President has been true to his avowed Straight Path and righteous governance policy. Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani said people wonder if President Aquino’s campaign is to fight corruption or to finish off his party’s political rivals.

    Only 13 percent of the Veritas Survey respondents said they believed Aquino has kept his promise to get rid of corruption in the government.

    Radio Veritas President Fr. Anton Pascual, the “singing priest,” said at the press conference Thursday during which the results were announced: “The slogan of President Aquino when he was running for office was that if there were no corruption there would be no poverty, and people believed this because corruption is a social cancer.”

    Massive poverty has remained, so…
    But many observers have seen that massive poverty has remained, so by Aquino’s logic, his administration must just be as corrupt and even more so than previous ones.

    Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said the Veritas Truth Survey result reflects the frustration of the Filipino people. “After five years, it seems the people do not think he succeeded, so their expectations have been frustrated,” Bishop Pabillo said. He chairs the Public Affairs Committee of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

    Forty-two (42) percent of respondents find the Office of the President “moderately corrupt. Also seen as “moderately corrupt” were the Judiciary (48 percent of respondents), Cabinet secretaries (46 percent), the Office of the Vice-President (39 percent), and provincial governments (39 percent).

    Respondents see both houses of Congress, the Senate (49 percent) and the House of Representatives (48 percent) as “most corrupt.”

    Radio Veritas’ Head of Research Clifford Sorita said the survey had 1,200 randomly selected respondents from urban and rural areas nationwide. They were randomly picked from a stratified random sampling. The results have a plus or minus 3 percent margin of error.

    Bishop Pabillo challenged President Aquino to do something about cleaning up the government in his remaining months in office. The prelate said Aquino could still produce results “if he does the work seriously.” And, Bishop Pabillo added, “He should prosecute not only his political foes but also his allies. The one who have been prosecuted are the President’s foes.”

    Indeed, it’s not the opposition politicians and operators who are making hay under this president’s authoritarian regime.

    Since Aquino became president in 2010, smuggling has risen 500 % so that the smuggling amount has gone up to a record high of $19 billion a year–much much more than the smuggling in previous administrations. This figures are based on International Monetary Fund trade data.

    Aquino himself has admitted that smuggling has cost our country P200 billion during his term so far. But he never associates smuggling with the drugs and weapons that come in and causes the destruction of families and the escalation of criminality.

    How about the deaths and injuries caused by derailments of the metro rapid transit systems, the corruption in maintenanced contracts, the failure to solve the traffic congestion problem, which are all results of corruption.

    And the corrupt and mendacious handling of the peace process that caused the death of the 44 Heroes of the PNPSAF massacre by MILF and BIFF criminals?

    These are but some of the reasons the Veritas Truth Survey finds BS Aquino’s Tuwid na Daan mere bola. In the words of some of his critics, Aquino’s policy is really the Tuwad na Daan.

    Yet, let’s not lose hope in prayer. Let’s pray for the miracle that BS Aquino suddenly undergoes a conversion.

    May God have mercy on us all.


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    1. Hirap naman sa inyo ay you beleive the survey without knowing the survey itself. Survey 101 require to establish the basic purpose of the survey, the next step is the method of survey, followed by questioanires, measurement and respondents.

      The respondents has to have understanding on the purpose of it. Ang problema, you declare the result of the so-called survey whithout being explicit about the nature of it so that it can stand the scrutiny of the expert.

      A reliable survey should be transparent so that it can be verfiied and or replicate. In addition to it, for the survey result to be credible, it should be tested by triangulation and see whether it shows the same result.

      Ang problem, sinsakyan natin ang balita na walang pag-iisip. Kala ko mg matalino kayo, hindi pala, sayang yung advertsing column, it doesnt help you, the reader and the country.

      Dyahe name, you are suppose to be one of the great name in the industry.

    2. Vic Penetrante on

      Aquino has stopped considering the people his ‘bosses’ since he started saying ‘he is the father of the nation.’ His former bosses has become his children to berate or scold, particularly the critics.

    3. Tuwid na daan? He he he he. Tuwad na daan? ha ha ha ha. Huwad na daan? ha ha ha ha uli. Kayo ang boss ko? Ha ha ha ha. Ang salarin din siguro dito ay ang ghost writers ng kanyang inauguration speech. Ang pangako ng pulitiko ay dapat kasing itrato na utang na dapat bayaran. Paano maaala-ala ang utang kung pagkatapos ng eleksyon ay hindi na pumapasyal sa palengke at ang pinakikinggan na lang ay ang version ng kanyang mga advisers.

    4. The level of Poverty in our country,Proves the level of Corruption in our government.
      Currently , that’s how BS Aquino governed our Nation and the legacy he will leave behind.

    5. Nakakasuka itong paring Bacani! He had the gall to say that the present government is much better than the previous one in terms of corruption! Napaka judgemental considering that until now wala pang napapatunayan at wala pang konkretong ebidensyang magpapa tunay na corrupt si GMA… Samantalang si Pnoy ay lantaran ang ang pagnanakaw sa pondo ng bayan! No wonder marami na ang umaalis sa pagka katoliko with this kind of priest!

    6. ferdinand concepcion on

      YES its sad that some “socially & politically ignorants” including professionals, like my colleagues in a multinational company, still believe in this Abnoy mis-administration, “kahit niloloko na sila ng harap-harapan” Ang kanilang reasoning ng una nang manalo si Abnoy noong 2010, ay kahit obvious na di qualified si Abnoy, ay “di naman nya cguro” ipapahiya ang legacy ng kanyang parents. Ang ganong simplistic reasoning, coming from professionals, is a sad commentary of how Filipinos have lost social consciousness.

    7. No way that this inutile president will be converted as you wish. He is already on his exit mode and his priority is to cover his tracks while exiting…..

    8. Mar Padilla, Jr. on

      I am glad I did not vote for him and his party last election, or else I’ll be one of those stupid idiot who are crying now to throw him out from Malacanang as fast as possible. Remember, they also published their own Survey and got a bigger and higher percentage of the voter. Baka yong mga tao lang nila ang tinanong? Ha! Ha!Ha! Ayan ang Survey na matuwid..

    9. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Kung walang kurap, BULAG! kung walang kurap, WALANG MATA! Kung walang kurap, walang P-Noy! etc., etc. God bless the Philippines.

    10. The start of the Aquino Administration is already a bad start. The gullible voters who adored their parents voted for him not on his platform but on the popularity of his parents. Remove the parents and we had no Aquino Administration. Maybe, it is a divine intrusion that he won ,as choosing between two evils in our politics. You could just imagine if Fernando Poe won and subsequently died, of course, the successor would be the VP Binay now. Think of it. Maybe, this is still a blessing!

    11. Marlou Castillo on

      What a brilliant indictment of the corrupt administration of BS Aquino, Mr Bas. The Filipino nation not only lost 6 years under this administration, we actually are worse off now than before this cabal of thieves took over,

    12. P.Akialamiro on

      Pres. BS Aquino’s achievements for the last 5 years in a ‘nutshell’. Yes, let’s pray for a miracle.

    13. if congress is the most corrupt, does it not follow that the person who corrupted them should be the king of the corrupt and that is Noynoy and Abad?