• Vettel first to test Pirelli’s 2017 tires: Bigger, wider F1 tires for next year


    Vettel20160809The testing program with the new wider Pirelli P Zero Formula 1 tires for 2017 recently begun in Fiorano, Italy.

    Sebastian Vettel took the wheel of a Ferrari SF15-T that has been specifically modified to simulate the new aero rules and to accommodate the new wider Pirelli P Zero Formula One tires for 2017. The testing program was held last week during the Pirelli P Zero’s track debut at the Fiorano Circuit in Italy.

    The four-time world champion tested the tires all day before handing the car over to Haas F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez the following day.

    Following a few installation laps on slick tires Monday morning, Vettel then tried the wide Pirelli intermediate and full wet tires on an artificially dampened surface. With a tread that is 25-percent wider than the current size, particular care is required when it comes to research and development of wet weather tires, which are capable of evacuating even more water.

    Gutierrez continued on the development work on both intermediate and full wet tires the following day.

    The 2017 F1 rules impose the following dimensions for slick tires: 305/670-13 at the front (currently 245/660-13); and 405/670-13 at the rear (currently 325/660-13). The Cinturato intermediates will have a diameter of 675 millimeters while the Cinturato wet will have a diameter of 680 millimeters.

    The wheel size remains unchanged at 13 inches.

    Red Bull was the first team to try the 2017 size slick F1 tires. This dry weather test took place on August 2-3 at Mugello in Italy, marking the final test before the summer break. The development program will begin again in September, when Mercedes (the third Team providing a modified car for testing purposes) will take to the track at Paul Ricard in France.

    Each of the three teams taking part (Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull) will undertake a total of eight days of testing per car between now and the end of November. Each Team will have exactly the same amount of testing as each other for wet and intermediate tires (two days) as well as slick tires (six days). The final day of testing for all three teams will be in Abu Dhabi on November 29, two days after the final grand prix of the 2016 season.\


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