VFA more important than the welfare of Filipinos?


How many more of our women should be raped? Or homosexuals and trasngenders in this country beaten to death before the government realizes the Philippines is at the losing end of the Visiting Forces Agreement with America.

This is the question members of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders community ask the Aquino administration following the brutal murder of one of its members in Subic, Zambales by an American serviceman last week.

Transgender woman Jennifer Laude was killed by US Marine Private John Pemberton inside a motel just outside the former US base.

The gay community, not only in the country but also overseas, was enraged over the killing of Laude by the US serviceman allegedly because he is a transgender woman.

This anger was even fueled further by the slow action of the Aquino administration to gain custody of Pemberton by the local authorities, who up to now remains in the confines of a US marine ship anchored in Subic port.

Laude became the second victim of violence by an American soldier to a Filipino. Few years ago another US marine raped a Fiilipina but the case was dismissed later after the victim reportedly was compensated by the US.

The netizens almost went up in arms last week against Sen. Antonio Trillanes after he was quoted as saying, “the death of the transgender woman should not overshadow the benefits of the VFA”.

One wonders what benefits the country gets out of the VFA, which up to this day the Aquino government haS yet to specify if there is one indeed.

Granting we get something out of this military cooperation, other than the cross training of our troops, will it be more valuable than the life of a single Filipino, be he or she straight, gay, bisexual or transgender?

Aren’t we Pinoys supposed to enjoy the protection of our laws and of the authorities especially from the leader of this land?

Don’t be a dummy, Mr. President, for heaven sakes!!! Act now and make stand.

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Definitely there are still a lot of good cops

The abusive, corrupt and criminal instincts of a very few policemen have overshadowed these days the professionalism and devotion to service of the majority of the members of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

I was assigned in the police beat as a reporter for several years, and I have witnessed so many cops trying to make both ends meet rather than making a quick buck from the very people they are supposed to protect and serve.

While we hear or read news almost everyday about abusive and extorting men in uniform, the majority of them devote their time in real public service.

While we may also hear about police officers retiring as millionaires, most of them leave the service without a house they can call their own and continue to live in the slums.

And still some even end up getting nothing from their retirement pay as this were used up to pay for the loans they made while they were still in the service.

So, the next time you hear or read of rogue cops, they are the very few who shouldn’t have been in the service.

However, like any other organizations, in the PNP there will always be a few rotten eggs.


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  1. lets not too hypocritical about this issue of rape. just answer the question why are there too many women lining up to get laid/paid by these same american soldiers?

    • u already give the answer Virgo888: because they need money. But that is totally irrelevant.
      Weather it is a catholic virgin schoolgirl on her way to church who gets raped and killed, or a seasoned prostitute in Olangapo….. neither deserves that

  2. Police should have a liveable wage, then they will police properly, underpay them & you will get huge corruption. If your government doesnt understand that very simple principle then get rid of them & elect a government that understands things properly.

  3. you should ask this question to the corrupt and incompetent politicians and AFP officials why they did not bother modernizing the AFP after the US bases were closed 20 yrs ago otherwise the US forces do not have to comeback to prevent China from seizing more of our territories in the EEZ. As long as there foreign troops stationed in the country, this kind of incidents will always happen and it will happen again. So in the blame game its our own fault.

    • and then what ? So that China will have a HUGE smile on their faces ? Which is more important ? The life of the whole country against one dishonest gay? How many cases of rape/murder etc is happening in the country ? Did any of you take notice about them ? Be careful of what you are asking…. you might get it and be part of China FOREVER!