• Vhong-Deniece case up for ruling


    The lawyer of Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo on Friday questioned the creation of a three-man panel by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to evaluate the charges they filed against TV host and comedian Vhong Navarro.

    Lee and Cornejo attended the preliminary investigation of their complaint against Navarro.

    The commercial model is accusing Navarro of raping her in a condominium unit in Taguig City on Jan. 22.

    Last week, Navarro filed charges of serious physical injuries, grave threat, grave coercion, illegal arrest, blackmail and serious illegal detention against Cornejo, Lee and his sister Bernice, and Simeon Raz.

    Howard Calleja, lawyer for both Lee and Cornejo, said the case does not involve national security to merit such attention from the DOJ.

    The case, which is now up for ruling, is being handled by Assistant State Prosecutors Olivia Torrevillas, Hazel Decena-Valdez and Marie Elvira Herrera.

    “We reserve the right. It depends on us whether we will pursue the action or not,” Calleja said.

    The incident has generated national attention because a showbiz celebrity is involved. Navarro is one of the hosts of a television noontime show and has appeared in several movies.

    The incident also hints of scandal because the circumstances that led to the mauling of Navarro are unclear.

    Earlier this week, another woman filed rape charges against Navarro.


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    1. Atty. Calleja is misguided these is not a involve National security, but being public figure it’s give the viewers insight on what these case will runs is course because, these is not only between famous and rich people, but what the people wants to know if the justice is already working or grinding its axe to those perpetrators or victim. So these is followed by millions, here in abroad as well in Philippines. Before no businessmen or well connected committing crimes put behind bars, Lee is not pre judged but were only after the truth. Evidence and CCTV foot ages will be a big help and provide a crucial role, to establish crime committed.

    2. I would think that Deniece, Cedric et al would welcome an early resolution of their cases at the PI level since justice delayed is justice denied. It is curious that their lawyer prefers delaying the legal process, unless they still don’t have a believable defense in the light of the CCTV evidence. Good luck!