Vice Ganda admits his ‘gay-dar’ is rusty

It’s four times the fun with Vice Ganda

It’s four times the fun with Vice Ganda

At the grand press conference of Vice Ganda’s 39th Metro Manila Film Festival entry Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy, he admitted how he finds it difficult to sense if someone belongs to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community or not.

“Ang titigas at lalambot na nila, hindi mo na alam,” exclaimed the box-office comedian. “Ang hirap na talaga ngayon.”

In fact, he mistook transgender beauty queen Kevin Balot as a real woman. “Nagpa-picture sa akin si Kevin Balot. Hindi ko alam na siya si Kevin Balot so akala ko babae talaga siya,” shared Vice. “Naguluhan talaga ako.”

He even went on to reveal he almost pursued a closeted hunk model. “Ang gwapo niya so nag-emote din ako,” he recounted with a laugh. “Bakla naman pala. Ang huhusay na nila ngayon.”

Nonetheless, Vice said he finds it irrelevant to ask anyone’s gender. “Hindi na rin ako nagtatanong kasi magbabago ba ang pagtigin mo sa kaibigan mo kung siya ay babae, lalake, tomboy, bakla?”

Vice Ganda is widely credited for being the most successful gay comedian in the movies and television to date, with a string of major endorsements to his name. He once told The Manila Times, however, that he is uncomfortable to be given such recognition, what with forerunners such as Roderick Paulate and Alan K in the business, and would rather be credited for paving the way for other gay artists like him to be accepted to work dressed and made-up like a woman as they please.

With that, he promised that Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy, which is co-produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films will be “four times the fun” when it opens on Christmas Day.

Taking from the title, the story follows a set of quadruplets who were separated from each other at birth. Two of the siblings, Team Girl-Boy, flew to the States with their father; while the other two, Team Bakla-Tomboy, were left behind under the care of their mother.

Conflict begins when the siblings abroad discover that the boy is afflicted with a liver disease and must undergo a transplant. They soon discover that they have two other siblings in the Philippines whose liver could be a match. The situation forces them to come home and reconnect with Team Bakla-Tomboy, resulting in a series of riotous and hilarious events that may—or may not—unite their broken families together.

“I’m so happy to be part of the MMFF once again,” Vice related. “Moviegoers can look forward to a different kind of family movie in our offering. With all the many problems that we faced in the past months it would be great to just relax and have fun the cinemas with us.”

Directed by Wenn Deramas, Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy also features Diamond Star Maricel Soriano in the lead, with the supporting cast of Joey Marquez, Ruffa Guttierez, Cristine Reyes, Ejay Falcon, JC De Vera, Kiray Celis, JM “Cho” Ibanez, Red Bustamante, and Xyriel Manabat.

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    Very confusing, really, at my work (hairstylist@ the mall) our window facing the bench for smokers (no indoor smoking allowed here) we saw women making out that makes them Lesbian: since same sex marriage is legalized, they’re more open in public. But they’ve. Been around since in the beginning there’s men, women, and king Caipas, proclaim to be Gay. It’s. A spice of life, we all snaring on planet Earth. And so as other creature,insect, birds, plants & animales, mermaid maybe?