Vice Ganda’s fans deserve more



Reviews on “Gandarrapido: The Revenger’s Squad” – the Metro Manila Film Festival 2017 entry of Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach – are mostly negative. But loyal followers of its lead, comedian-host Jose Mari Viceral who was discovered in a comedy bar, say they couldn’t care less about it because they simply enjoy his shenanigans on screen.

For the sake of argument, let us say the fans of Vice are simply easy to please; that is, all they want is to be entertained.

However, there are those who believe that a low quality movie in terms of story and execution should neither be acceptable for an actor’s own fans. As such, it does not seem fair for Vice and his producers to give his loyal viewers the same kind of formulaic movies over and over again—as if to say changing it a little bit here and there is enough for his audience.

The point is, Roving Eye believes that Vice Ganda and Star Cinema can craft an entertaining movie without belittling the viewers’ sensibilities.

With Vice making only one movie a year meant for the festival, they have a very long time to brainstorm and come up with a project with substance even if it is a comedy. Because at the end of the day, given his popularity and influence, Vice Ganda should live up to his responsibility to his loyal viewers.

Vice Ganda’s MMFF entry with Daniel Padilla (left) and Pia Wurtzbach (right) may be the festival top grosser but he can certainly offer more to his loyal fans

It’s about time Vice Ganda takes stock of the movies he makes. His loyal supporters are offended when his movies are described as basura, to which immediately counter, “May pera sa basura.” But just because his movies do rake in money, are they really content with spending their money on trash?

Is this really all there is for the comedian-host? Doesn’t he want to leave a legacy with a good quality film?

* * *

Opening on January 17 from Regal Entertainment is “Mama’s Girl,” the first movie project of multi-awarded actress Sylvia Sanchez for Mother Lily Monteverde’s outfit in a long time. Her last Regal outing was when she was a relatively unknown actress, and to this day, Sylvia is grateful Mother Lily gave her such an opportunity back then.

Last year was a good one for Sylvia, career-wise. She won several best actress awards for her work as loving mother Gloria in the top-rating teleserye “The Greatest Love.”

Endorsements contracts soon came for the actress, and finally, she and her son Arjo Atayde were given lead billing in ABS-CBN’s new drama “Hanggang Saan.”

Meanwhile, “Mama’s Girl” will be directed by Cory Macatuno. The movie also stars Sofia Andres, Diego Loyzaga and Jameson Blake.


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