Vice President Jejomar Binay wants two terms as President


VICE President Jejomar Binay will move to amend the Constitution to allow two four-year terms for the President.

In an interview with TV5’s Reaksyon, Binay said it would be better for the President to have eligibility for reelection after finishing the first four years in office because the people tend to get too impatient and it leads to the detriment of any administration serving a one-time six-year tenure.

“Ibabalik natin iyong apat na taon. Kapag maganda, katanggap-tanggap ang ginawa ng Pangulo, pwede siyang magpa-reelect ng isang beses pa. Ang kabuuan walong taon. Dahil iyong anim na taon…biro mo, rally dito, negotiation dito. Hihintayin mo iyon hanggang anim na taon, hindi magiging productive (We are going to bring back the four-year term. If the President is still acceptable and did well, the President can be reelected. At a maximum, the President will seat for eight years. Under a six year-tenure, well, there will be rallies, negotiations. It won’t be productive),” Binay, a lawyer, argued.

Binay, who is running for President in May 2016, was referring to the old provision of the 1935 Constitution on term limits—a salient provision revised in the 1987 Constitution in the aftermath of former President Ferdinand Marcos’s declaration of the traumatizing Martial law in September 1972 during his second term as President.

Binay then underscored he is not buying the argument that a six-year term is too long for a bad President.

“What I want is a compromise: two four-year terms. If the President turns out to be bad, then don’t reelect that person. If the President is competent, then we should reelect that President,” Binay pointed out.

“Why do we have to take the risk and have that experience again of having a President—who is not good—for six years?” he added.



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