• Vice President: Palace junked plan for ‘blood money’ body


    Vice President Jejomar Binay on Tuesday said he proposed the creation of a Blood Money Committee in 2012 to en- sure prompt government action on overseas Filipino worker (OFW) cases invol- ving the payment of blood money but Malacañang, according to him, did not act on his proposal.

    Binay recently visited the family of OFW Joselito Zapanta, who was executed in Saudi Arabia on December 29 last year.

    Zapanta was convicted for the murder of a Sudanese accountant over a rent dispute.

    He was sentenced to death after the victim’s family refused to execute an Affidavit of Forgiveness or “tanazul” in exchange for “diyya” or blood money.

    Blood money is a compensation under Shariah Law that is given to the family of a murder victim.

    Should the family accept it, it will execute the “tanazul” so that the death penalty will not be carried out.

    The Vice President handled concerns of OFWs when he was still part of the Cabinet of President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    He left the President’s official family last year.


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      Under Shariah Law,the relatives of victims can grant forgiveness to a convicted accused.In the Bible,one cannot ask forgiveness from the Creator without asking forgiveness first, from those whom one has offended.Do we not pray” forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us”?VP Binay is just making his stand on the matter of raising “blood money” .He did not even mentioned about those fellow Filipinos who were spared from the death row during his stint.
      Every Filipino is “worth” dying for, both the innocent OFW and those convicted.Both deserve the “best effort” of the government.
      The Filipino voters are not “stupid”. We fought for our independence from the Spanish and American colonizers. In Santa Barbara,Iloilo and In Negros, the Spanish garrisons surrendered without firing a shot in the face of “bamboo”cannons made by Filipinos. That is not “stupidity”. It is Filipino ingenuity.
      The Filipino has shown on many occasions ingenuity. It was a Filipino who invented the “water” engine,now at the Washington Museum.It was bought by a US petroleum company to protect its petroleum business.In 1970, we made a prototype of a water engine.Today, this water engine is the precursor of the “hydrogen” engine . When man landed on the moon, it was a vehicle made by Filipino engineers working at NASA that motored across the moon surface. Ingenious,indeed!!
      Let us vote with wisdom and pray.

    2. Binay has the negative kind of character of BLAMING and DENYING.
      Blaming – It was his job to protect the welfare of the OFWs but did NOTHING. Binay have the tendency of grabbingon issues that he thinks will be controversial and promotes himself as the hero to gain popularity. Is it the oblifgation of the government to spoil the OFWs who are guilty of crimes they committed in other countries? Why don’t the government just protect those innocent OFW victims?
      Denying – he denies all the charges of corruption against him even in the presence of volumes of proofs like the ALMC. Binay denies that he is the big spender among the presidential candidates. He will even deny all wrongdoings that he did the past decades just to enrich himself.
      The Filipino voters are so stupid to vote for this kind of candidate.