Victims’ kin appeal SC’s ship ruling


A motion for reconsideration of a recent Supreme Court (SC) ruling that cleared a ship executive of criminal liability in the sinking of MV Princess of the Stars six years ago has been filed by families of victims of the tragedy.

In the 30-page motion for reconsideration filed thru the Public Attorney’s Office headed by Persida Acosta, petitioners Purita Hibe, Nissan Laurel, Estella Geli, Arlene Olang, Josephine Padua, Vicenta Chua, Illuminada Timajo, Lilybeth Cunanan, Elorde Ilustrisimo, Bob Illut, Ernesto Clarin, Evelyn Bajet, Larina Matriz, Celerna Calayag and Sonia Manzanilla asked the SC to elevate the case to the en banc where it shall be decided by 15 justices, not just 5 justices.

Edgar Go, Sulpicio Lines first vice- president for administration, was charged and indicted for reckless imprudence resulting in multiple homicide, physical injuries and damage to property but was cleared recently by the SC, affirming a ruling by the Court of Appeals.

The motion for reconsideration argued that “Respondent Edgar S. Go had knowledge that the vessel is traversing its regular route and is going eye to eye with Typhoon Frank, even with the declaration by the [ship]master of an alternate route to the Philippine Coast Guard.”

The SC ruling cleared Go of criminal liability in the death of 227 passengers of MV Princess of the Stars. Still missing are 592 passengers. Thirty-two others survived.


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