• Video showing Duterte praising NPA goes viral


    A video showing Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte cursing Pope Francis and praising the New People’s Army (NPA) went viral after television networks refused to air it.

    The video, titled “Pamana ni Duterte,” viewed and shared by thousands in different social media sites, was originally made as an advertisement material but TV networks turned it down because it allegedly did not pass “ethical standards.”

    One part of the video shows Duterte cursing and blaming Pope Francis for causing traffic when he visited the Philippines last year.

    Another clip shows the mayor threatening workers that he will kill them if they don’t stop organizing unions.

    Another clip shows Duterte announcing that it will be bloody if he becomes President.

    He was also shown attending a gathering of the New People’s Army and shouting “Mabuhay ang [Long live] NPA!”

    The video became controversial as it shows children imitating Duterte’s rude and dirty words.

    Some people who watched the video said it should be aired so that voters can assess Duterte as a presidential candidate.


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    1. Romeo Javellana on

      The Filipinos are tired of the same old TRAPOS. The people are clamoring for CHANGE hoping for a better life and a peaceful society to live in. 30 years after EDSA, the people are hoping that a good life will be at hand…but look where we are now?
      Rampant corruptions, criminality and illegal drugs. Worst, a DILG secretary knew where to get illegal drugs, and yet he did nothing about it. Instead he bragged that ha can accompany anybody who would like to buy drugs.
      The people are hoping for 30 years, and it is too long for hope.
      Here comes a man who would make that hope a reality. A man who will stop corruption, suppress criminality and illegal drugs. The fatigue Filipino voters wanted him, Duterte, to be the next President.
      Sad to say, but a country whose peace and order is bad, investors and businesses will be worst.
      Duterte will restore that peace and order and the rest will come into place. It will surely boost our economy and will make people’s lives in good conditions.
      The last debate held at PHINMA, University of Pangasinan, Duterte, if elected President, will be the first to commit his Social Funds(funds coming from the PAGCOR and private casinos amounting to billions of pesos)to the poor and the needy, specially for health services.

    2. Jose Samilin on

      The videos were fatal to the souls of owners and all corroborating media, not Duterte. Is that clear?

    3. armandoastudillo on

      What’s wrong? Communism is not illegal and not against the teaching of any religion. It is simply an ideology. If we want to beat communism, then lets present a genuinely better ideology. Let us then prove that democracy is indeed the best, but let us all make it happen.

    4. Maybe by being civilized, religious, and well-educated did not produce a relatively egalitarian, fair, prosperous and safe society. There is no need for a Duterte if people don’t want change and transformation.

    5. Maybe by being civilized, religious, and well-educated did not produce a relatively egalitarian, fair, prosperous and safe society. There is no need for a Duterte if people want change and transformation.

    6. my thoughts on this issue are:
      1.) when pnoy met w/ al haj murad in tokyo sometime after his election in 2010 did the reactionionaries of today give a damn?,
      2.) is it now a crime to sympathize w/ the leftist groups(provided the video was not edited)? wasn’t martial law lifted along time ago?
      we should let the majority of our people choose whom they want to lead them. after all how much worse off can we get after having a taste of erap’s & pnoy’s brand of leadership. w/ digong’s leadership davao is what it is today. w/ it’s diverse demographics i think very few, if any at all, can match up to his accomplishments.

    7. If Duterte wins, there will be another people power. The Miltary will not let a criminal rule our land. The Philippine Military Academy graduates sworn to uphold the constitution. There will be blood in our streets.

    8. In other countries, any coach/manager/leader of even the roughest sports organizations is given tantamount consequence (warning, fine or termination) for uttering a statement (even just once) even half as repulsive as Mr Duterte’s repertoire of profanities in public. The organization usually issues a statement “His/Her comments do not reflect what we stand for as an organization.”, followed by a tangible punishment.

      Why are many Filipinos suddenly willing to lose some of their humanity (and by such examples maybe the humanity of the young generations as well) to vehemently prop up Mr Duterte? Are all his promises which are supposedly guaranteed judging by his performance in Davao, worth each of his supporters’ soul?

      What happens if he fails at this level of game where it is a lot more difficult and complicated, a different and a lot wider terrain to navigate, highly energised and very fast paced? In any game or competition, a perceived success in level 3 or 4 does not guarantee success in level 10. All the stresses of running the country are more likely to make Mr Duterte’s lack of humanity even more horrendous.

      If Mr Duterte fails, will he blame the people who voted for him and curse them to his heart’s content- in public of course- where he is in his most glorious? After all, he might say, “You knew me through and through and/yet you happily chose me.”

      In most countries there are more poor than well off people. But most of the poor ones will not surrender their humanity to grandiose promises and ill-conceived means to an end. We might still be a poor country, (although compared to previous decades, a lot has already been achieved nationally) but must we now also be poor in manners, ethics and values- fundamental principles which are the basic foundations of every civilised society that has endured and prospered? And if we all got materially well off through Mr Duterte’s dogmatic style, can we deeply and honestly savour it with a clear conscience?

      Filipinos might soon become infamous as the first civilized, religious and well-educated society that willingly and wholeheartedly (eyes and ears wide open) embraced an openly foul-mouthed, promiscuous and what not as their top leader towards their quest for a decent, better life.