• Vietnam protests Chinese bullying in Paracel


    The actions of the chinese are consistent with what they are saying. They are claiming the property so they are exercising their rights by chasing intruders in their territorial waters . I think the Philippines and Vietnam should do the same . One particular case is the SC 55 awarded to FORUM Energy . If the our country ( Philippines ) is standing on its claim that SC 55 is within our territorial waters , then why not allow FORUM Energy to conduct soil test and exploration . After all , FORUM have been able to conduct a high definition 2D seismic test on the area without the chinese being able to stop the activities. Yes they harassed the ship conducting the seismic data gathering but only up to that extent until they finally leave the area . Let us see if the chinese will have the guts to go beyond harassment . Let us be consistent with what we are saying this time.



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