Vietnam sought Tesda’s help in refining its tech-voc law


VIETNAM has sought the help of the country’s skills training agency Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda) in reforming its Vocational Education and Training (VET) law, Tesda director general Joel Villanueva said on Monday.

“We are honored to extend support to the government of Vietnam in reforming their VET law to make it more market-oriented, flexible, and demand-driven,” Villanueva said.

“As Asean countries brace for a single economic community by 2015, what we can do is to strengthen cooperation by sharing knowledge and expertise on building a highly skilled workforce to increase our competitiveness in the global arena,” the Tesda chief added.

The study tour, slated from October 20 to 25, will involve lectures, discussions, visit to Tesda central headquarters and training institutes, meeting with congressional leaders and officials of various labor organizations.

Villanueva said the study tour will focus on learning from the experiences of the Philippines in developing its own TVET policies and programs.

He added that the delegates are expected to draw a list of recommendations on the possible modification on the VET law of Vietnam.

Vietnam’s goal of reforming its 2006 VET law is in line with the government’s target of being an industrialized nation by 2020.  Seeing technical vocational education and training as central to this objective, it becomes imperative for the government to revisit policies and see to it that they will bring about graduates who are not only technically competent, but possess the skills that companies look for.

For the formal lecture sessions, the delegates will be given an orientation on the Philippine Qualifications Framework and Philippine Quality Assured technical vocational education and training (TVET) Framework.  There will also be discussions on the various programs being implemented in Tesda training institutions and on the financial governance structure of the agency. NEIL A. ALCOBER


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