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  1. The media has the responsibility to tell the truth – but many had been acting like self-entitled moralists, and conscience of the nation kuno. They have misreported Duterte many times out of disdain, and superiority complex because they looked at him as bumbling promdi, and cannot accept that he rosed to the highest position in the land. Some in the media are also highly politicized and biased, and actually are for sale. That to me is 90% of the problem.
    That’s why you can seldom see, or read about all the sterling achievements of Duterte in his first 100 days – in agriculture, tax reform, empowered bureaucracy, ant-corruption, constitutional reforms (federalism), etc – but the focus are on the negatives – like his cursing, EJK (which the biased media immediately attributes to him even though it is obvious that they are doings of the criminals themselves eliminating each other, or even scalawag police drug lords trying to clean up their operations).
    The biased media is to be blamed to a large extent for all of this – and you the editor and opinion writer, please don’t be coy with us!