Viewers anticipate fierce end to ABS-CBN afternoon soap

Isabelle Daza (left) and Cristine Reyes’ fight scenes create abuzz on social media

Isabelle Daza (left) and Cristine Reyes’ fight scenes create abuzz on social media

After creating much buzz on social media, ABS-CBN afternoon drama Tubig At Langis approa­ches its must-see intense ending.

The series, which is about a couple who would do everything to protect their marriage and family, truly resonates with the audience since most, if not all, Filipinos are family-oriented.

TV audience, particularly women, admire how strong and empowered Irene—the role played by actress Christine Reyes—a female of the species is, despite the daunting challenges that come her way day in and day out.

During their thanksgiving party on August 13, Zanjoe Marudo—who plays the role of Natoy— told the press how happy he is to be part of the power cast.

“I’ve always played a good man in all the shows and movies I’ve done. But in this series, this is the first time I’ve committed a really big mistake, the mistake of loving two women. I’m just happy that I was able to take this role. In real life, when there are mistakes, we use these lessons so we know what to do to in facing these problems to become a better person,” he said.

Tubig At Langis is one of the most watched series in afternoon television in 2016. It continues to dominate its timeslot in national TV ratings and has record-high rating of 21.1 percent nationwide, according to data released by Kantar Media.

‘Tubig At Langis’ cast members express their gratitude to fans during their thanksgiving party

‘Tubig At Langis’ cast members express their gratitude to fans during their thanksgiving party

“Despite the forthcoming ending, I feel really blessed because knowing that our time slot is in the afternoon, when no one’s really watching TV, our rating is still phenomenal. From all the projects I’ve been into, this show made me feel I have a family-like bond with everyone,” Reyes shared.

“Having been in showbiz for a while, this is my first time to get tremendous positive feedbacks. Even my friends from another network watch our show. It’s not just because of me but because of everyone. They love to hate me as Clara,” Isabelle Daza, who plays the woman obsessed of Natoy, averred.

Aside from making it to social media top trending topics, videos of various intense scenes also went viral online. Fans even created memes featuring the various characters from the show.

“We can’t avoid getting hurt because we don’t want to fake the fight scenes. We want to make it realistic. With Christine and I, sometimes we talk before the scenes, and she would tell me ‘Ok, just slap me as hard as you want’ as that helps when it comes to bringing out emotions,” Daza pointed out, referring to the catfights of her and Reyes in the soap.

“What I discovered in the show is that all the cast and crew have given me a piece of advice and knowledge that I can take in life. I like to think that I learned a lot in terms of acting and life from everyone not because they are such great actors. I really believe that you’re only as good as your director. This show is successful because of our directors who push us,” Daza added.

The finale will leave the question of the nefarious scheme Clara is plotting and how far can Irene muster to protect her family.

Just as Irene thought she and Natoy can finally restart from a new slate with their baby, peril lurks once more when Clara manages to escape from jail. Clara is more furious than ever and more determined to destroy the lives of the Villadolid family especially that she had a miscarriage.

Vivian Velez, Victor Silayan, Dionne Monsanto, Nadia Montenegro, Lito Pimentel, Efren Reyes Jr., Jean Saburit, Ingrid Dela Paz, Marco Gumabao, Miguel Vergara, Archie Alemania, Jopay Paguia, Tart Carlos, Cai Cortez, Miko Raval, Nina Medina, Ynez Veneracion and Mel Kimura complete the powerhouse cast of this widely followed afternoon drama.

Tubig At Langis is directed by FM Reyes and Raymund Ocampo. It airs after Doble Kara on ABS-CBN.


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  1. Almost all soap operas in the Philippines were/are copied from foreign films. The Philippine soap operas will just make few changes but still copied from U.S. movies. You can always expect the end of Philippine soap operas. Well what is new about the Philippines except to copy (and remember Sen Sotto copy/pasted his speech from an American government official). Lets put a stop to all these copy/paste activities in the Philippines.