• Vile, mendacious men


    FIRST it was former Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes who, without regard for the truth — that the multi-billion peso contracts with Smartmatic to supply our country with its Automated Election System (AES) using the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines brought about the destruction of our electoral democracy–was issuing ill-motivated warnings against going back to manual balloting and manual counting in our precincts.

    His evil motivation is to keep the Filipino people fooled into continuing to believe that manual is VERY BAD and PCOS is very good.  How can his heart, mind and soul have the strength–unless it comes from Satan–to maintain that the Smartmatic AES/PCOS machines process is good, better than manual voting and counting, when in fact:

    (1) The contracts with Smartmatic are all illegal because this Venezuelan marketing company did not own the system they sold us.  The owner is the company, Dominion, which filed a suit in Delaware, USA, precisely because Smartmatic had stolen Dominion’s property;

    (2) About a dozen requirements stated in the provisions of Republic Act 9369 (the Automated Election Act) were violated, not complied with, were ignored and scoffed at, by Brillantes’ Comelec and Smartmatic, in the 2010 and 2013 elections;

    (3) The Smartmatic AES/PCOS machines process is illegally NOT TRANSPARENT, so that the voter after she or he leaves her or his ballot in the belly of the PCOS machine does not know whether the shaded ovals will be read and counted correctly by the PCOS machine. The voters, party reps, PPCRV and other observers–including the teachers in the Board of Election Inspectors –never see what the total vote count of the precinct is, and cannot judge whether it is accurate or preposterously larger than the voting population of the precinct;

    (4) The Smartmatic AES/PCOS machines process, and similar processes, have been tried and rejected by more than a dozen more technologically advanced countries than the Philippines, like Germany and Australia, which have reverted to TRANSPARENT manual voting and counting precisely because it is transparent and therefore more credible and honest.

    (5) The loss of transparency, plus the other illegalities in using the Smartmatic AES/PCOS machines process, is too high a price for the time saved–about three to four or five hours– when in fact the delays in final results and the criminal dagdag-bawas happen in the canvassing and consolidation centers, not in the precincts.

    Now here comes Dasmariñas City’s Congressman Elpidio Barzaga, Jr., vice chairman of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability, who is adding his voice to the immoral effort to make the Comelec commissioners reluctant to do away with the corrupt Smartmatic AES/PCOS machines process.

    Barzaga now warns the commissioners that they could be impeached–the process of which begins in the House–if they “violated” the Automated Election Act by going back to manual voting or by not making the 2016 elections totally automated, which virtually means sticking to Smartmatic and its illegal, manipulated AES system using PCOS machines.

    God Almighty, please make these vile and mendacious men, realize the evil they are doing. Make them truthful and eager to bring about the common good.

    And if they don’t respond favorably to your divine whispers, then let them pay for their crimes against the people, just as the Egyptians who were bad to Moses and his Jews came to grief for their sins.


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    1. Jumie-Jingle on

      O, YHWH, Elohim of all the earth, please hear from your dwelling place in heavens above to wipe them out completely from head up to their roots, and do not pardon them for they opted to do evil, more than, to walk in your laws and commandments. With that, all those reigning on earth may fear Your Great NAME when they hear You did hear our prayers.

    2. The LP, through Barzaga might be aiming for No-El, to perpetuate Aquino’s continued reign. This is given the very low acceptability of their presumptive bet, Mar Roxas. Afterall this puppet congress can and will do Aquino’s bidding however unconstitutional it is,

    3. Vicente Penetrante on

      The want for automation was simply to know the election result faster. One of the downfall reasons of Pres. Marcos was the cheating in automated election. Can somebody please look at the election protests since we started automation?

    4. Love of money is the top t of all evil … Greed , lust for power, and covetousness are so ingrained in our society and so brazenly displayed by the top people in government that people below think it’s the norm .. Proof of this is that no matter how the administration croes about progress or gains , the economy gap is widening and the poor are increasing and so are crime and desperation …. “Matuid na Daan”

    5. May God’s wrath descend on these evil men to include the godfather of them all ….Pnoy!

    6. Anima A. Agrava on

      Amen, Manila Times, to everything you said in this editorial and the prayer at the end.
      May God punish these evil and mendacious men!