Village chieftain wounded in grenade attack wins in Zambo City polls


ZAMBOANGA CITY: A village chieftain who was among 11 people wounded in a grenade attack in Zamboanga City in southern Philippines has won his second term hands down despite not being able to campaign with his supporters.

Diosterides Librado, the village chieftain of Ayala, won in the November 25 special barangay elections. His supporters worked hard to campaign for his victory, his friends and family said.

Supporters said Librado is an honest politician who works hard for the development of the village and its people and that no one comes closer to him in terms of dedication to work.

Both of Librado’s legs were severed by the powerful explosion. Two people – the village secretary and a councilman – were killed in the grenade attack at his house on November 11 in Ayala village. The attack occurred while Librado was meeting with his campaign leaders and other candidates.

Police said the attack was carried out by two motorcycle men. AL JACINTO


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