• ‘Village officials should be subjected to ‘Tokhang’ ‘


    Barangay (village) officials involved in illegal drugs should be subjected to Operation Tokhang before the holding of local elections, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa said Monday.

    “Bago mag-barangay elections, na-Tokhang na dapat yang mga kapitan na yan, nakausap na (village officials linked to drug activities should be subjected to Operation Tokhang),” de la Rosa said.

    He estimated that some village officials may be involved in illegal drugs since about 12,000 out of 42,000 villages did not activate their Barangay Drug Abuse Council (Badac).

    “How can we fix the drug problem if Badac is not activated? It is either the village chief is scared to fight drug syndicates or they are part of the syndicate,” he said in Filipino.

    The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of the Interior and Local Government admitted that the non-activation of local drug council was bothersome since Badacs are supposed to “lead the fight against illegal drugs.”

    De la Rosa said administrative charges should be filed against village officials who did not activate their drug councils.

    He urged voters to shun village chiefs who are involved in drug-related activities.

    The DILG said villages were given 30 days to activate Badac or officials will be charged.


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