• Villars, Tupas face new pork inquiry


    JUSTICE Secretary Leila de Lima said Friday the Inter-Agency Anti-Graft Coordinating Council will look into another pork barrel scam, this time involving lawmakers linked to non-government organizations controlled by the Godofredo Roque group.

    De Lima said the council will probe the new Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam after the labor group Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate Rep. Niel Tupas of Iloilo and spouses Sen. Cynthia Villar and former Sen. Manuel Villar.

    In its complaint, Bukluran presented Commission on Audit (COA) reports linking Tupas with Roque, and implicating the Villars to questionable pork barrel releases.

    “I think Mr. Roque, along with others who also operated their NGOs in amassing PDAF, will be covered by the investigation of the inter-agency task force,” de Lima said.

    De Lima said the probe will cover lawmakers named in the COA report, but were not investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) because they were not linked to Janet Lim-Napoles, accused as the mastermind of the P10-billion pork barrel scheme.

    The council is composed of representatives from the DOJ, NBI, Office of the Ombudsman and COA.

    De Lima said Roque’s case would be treated separately from those involving Napoles.

    “As I’ve said many times, the coverage of the NBI probe is only Napoles, particularly NGOs related to her and therefore within the knowledge of our whistleblowers,” she said.

    “We continue to build up cases on those within the knowledge of our whistleblowers but are not supported yet with documentary evidence either from DBM [Department of Budget and Management] and COA,” de Lima said.

    The council will make an independent evaluation of and build up cases from the COA special audit report not covered by the NBI investigation, she said.

    In Bukluran’s complaint, its president Leody de Guzman asked the DOJ and the Office of the Ombudsman to investigate the Villars and charge them in court.

    The group cited the COA report that from 2007 to 2009, Sen. Manny Villar and then Rep. Cynthia Villar were allotted ?200 million in PDAF, for which they released ?168 million, or more than 75 percent, for soft projects in Las Piñas City.

    The COA declared ?151 million of the disbursements illegal, saying the projects did not comply with all the requirements under the Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184).

    Enacted in 2003, the law created an electronic database, requiring companies vying for government supply contracts to sign up. The electronic registry weeds out delinquent suppliers.

    Among the documents that the Villars failed to submit are: printouts of copies of Advertisement, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed and Contract in the PhilGEPS; Printout of advertisement in the Las Piñas City website; Certification by the Head of BAC Secretariat of Las Piñas City as to the posting of the advertisements at conspicuous places; and, in applicable cases, and proof of publication.

    “Even if the projects were completed and the intended beneficiaries actually received the benefits they needed, the mere failure to abide by the requirements of RA 9187 makes the entire disbursement illegal,” Bukluran said.

    It said that of the soft project disbursements, the Villars allocated just over ?14 million for the Congressional District Office of then Rep. Cynthia Villar. Bukluran also noted that the Villars allocated ?34.16 million for medical and dental supplies to be administered by Sen. Manny Villar’s office. All told, almost ?50 million of the projects listed the couple as implementors.

    The COA report also noted that at least ?690,000 was spent on projects built on private property.

    In other cases, the COA found that questionable suppliers received a total of ?32.8 million for projects endorsed by the Villars.

    The COA called out Marilyn Commercial, Jawoprint Enterprises, Silveran General Merchandise, Vesta Industries, and Seandre Enterprises for not being found at their registered addresses.


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    1. Isa si Tupaz sa lumitis kay Corona, paano na ngayon iyan, hindi lang pala misdeclared ang SLN niya mukhang sasabit pa siya sa PDAF, ngayon niya sa sabihin sa bayan na malinis ang pagkatao niya.

    2. I’m glad to hear that there are honest to goodness whistle blowers to speak out the truth to give light to the wrong doings and the dark side of corrupt government officials and members of the two house or the lawmakers. Now it is time for the justice department, and ombudsman authorized to prosecute these scrupulous people leeching the taxes of the Filipinos. We deserve justice against those who committed crimes against the humanity, and for those who abuse or take advantage of their authority not minding the welfare of the people but themselves and their own families only.

    3. Don’t take all these seriously; it is not worth the aggravation. Take the most that you can get out of it: entertainment. Parang tele-nobela o kaya tele-serye sa radyo, telebesiyon o kaya sa komiks. It is more fun in the Philippines.

    4. I think every person in official power who can some way get illegal monies should be investigated as there are thousands of them in this country. But work at it & find them out & lock them up for life without the possibility of parole. Its the only way you will start to get this country sorted out. They also really need to find a way of speeding up these cases, there is no excuse for all these delays, like the maguaindanao case. I think certain people should also be executed like the ampatuans & all their ill gotten gains taken from their families. & i mean everything. Leave them with nothing & they will know what its like to be poor. But your country is already looking to go soft on high ranking criminals like gloria arroyo. They want her to have an xmas furlough. Why let he face the consequences of her actions, if it were you or me they would never dream about us having a decent xmas we could just rot in jail & we would. Show them the same mercy as they show the poor & the scum as be under no illusion they are worse than the scum that snatch jewelery & the like.

    5. Rosauro Feliciano on

      Definitely we are tired of hearing endless accusations from our various government institutions because not one person has been brought to face a court hearing. All these news about corruptions are slowly becoming just innuendos to our people or to make it more understandable, allusions as it might eventually appear because not one has been brought to court and put behind bars if convicted; yes NOT ONE. The Philippines becomes comparable to a grade school pupil who is not doing well in school, and so the child does foolishness in order to get attention. In like manner our government institutions are enjoying the freedom of expression but without recognizing that they have the obligation to recognize that their freedom has limitation in a sense that whoever is implicated he/she must have to have the right to answer in defense to end the scenarios so only then those involved-government institutions will be rightfully recognized; otherwise, they will be falsely recognized. Is this true or not? Let us debate on this if anyone please.

      • Rosauro F. In general agreement with your comment. Let me add that protesters in Metro Manila on 12-13, complaining about increased electric bills, MRT & LTR fares should have made their primary issue to expose the outrageous perks, allowances, bonuses and committee fees of congressmen and senators including Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs). One congressman alone exceeds P1 million in his yearly perks and allowances that do not include his own yearly salary. If I am not mistaken, I remember reading a report that a Senator can receive up to P2 million in one month as payments for his committee memberships or being a Committee Chair.

    6. Rosauro Feliciano on

      What we want now is no longer accusations but action to put in front of the court these people who made our life miserable and if found guilty, jail them with no mercy at all.

    7. No sacred cows the politician are not God to play like Kings of their wrong intent and doing PNOY must not turn blind but the axe must fall to the ass of any man done wrong if he did it to Corona, Now the 3 Kings of the Senate, Enrile, Estrada and Revilla then also his cohorts. Now 3 years is gone we need to corrupt out of the lower and upper house and plant good politician. Not thieves and harlots.

    8. rolando punzalan on

      Sa lawak ng corruption sa ating bansa,kabi kabilang ahensya,kasama na ang executive,lagislative at judiciary,sino pa kaya ang pwedeng pagkatiwalaan ng mga pilipino lalo na ang mga susunod na generation?katulad na lamang ng nabasa ko na isinulat ni Francisco Tatad na nauna ng isinuwalat ni Jojo Robles ng Manila Standard,na halos 70 billion nadibursed para kay Napoles.kung totoo na ang Malacanang ay involved dito,ano na mangyayari sa Pilipinas kong mahal???sukdulan na ang kalapastanganan nila kung totoo.Paanong mkakakuha ng katarungan ang taong bayan kung ang mismong puno ng tuwid na daan ay BALUKTOT pala?

    9. Why is De Lima acting fast on oppositionist but doing nothing for these belonging
      to abnoy’s yellow’s. Selective justice according to Jinggoy. The truth hurts.
      In this country, no longer are the people equal before the law. Wala na yong
      nakatayong blind justice. Kong kasama ka ni abnoy or sinto sinto wala kang
      problema maski magnakaw ka. Gaya ng mga buwaya at linta sa kongreso.
      Hindi na sila nahiya sa sarili. Dapat makarma sila sa mga ninakaw na pinapakain
      nila sa mga anak at pamilya nila. Gaya nila abnoy, drilon, abad, tupaks etse topaz,
      villar. Makonsyesiya dapat kayo sa mga nakaw na pinapakain ninyo sa mga
      anak ninyo.

    10. WEATHER – WHETHER lang lahat, after all. Ka-Rancho, kaTsokaran, Ka-Alyado.
      Ang mga nag convict kay Corona ay mga Convict-able din, pero que ano pa ang
      Pa-Lakasan sa Govierno’ng Pilipino eh maliwang pa sa sikat nang araw ang walang kakupas-kupas na ” WHAT ARE WE IN POWER FOR?”

    11. Hoy tuta de Lima, why are you only investigating when a suit has been filed? Why don’t you investigate the lot of them, INCLUDING pro-administration officials, as is your job? Stop waiting for others to file charges. Obvious you will only include yellow cronies pag nasabit na. Your silence on this is deafening…oink oink!

      • It is very sad that instead of using resources to move forward, this is being used to uncover the sins of the past. While we go back in time to identify the wrongdoings of Tongressmen and Senatongs, there is an immediate need to change the system of handling the nation’s finances to ensure that crooked politicians are not able to steal the money. Until this happens, investigations of past transactions will continue specially if you are not an ally of the (current) administration. By the way, why are those already identified to have been involved in Napoles scam still not removed in position? Look at North Korea, the premier’s uncle was immediately executed because of wrongdoing. We shall do the same.

      • Bonifacio Bangayan Claudio on

        I cannot but agree with you, Sir… The PDAF-Napoles scam came into light only because of the whistle blowers… Now the PDAF-Roque questionable dealings came to the fore only after the Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino asked for investigation… How else?! … Yahoooooooo !!!

    12. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

      Naku po! Malaki ang utang na loob ng Abnoy diyan kay Tupaks este Tupaz! Kaya wag na tayong umasa na madadali yan! Makakapal na mukha niyan at di na tatablan! Sanay na at may kalyo na ang mga mukha niyang mga yan! Kaya case closed para sa Malacanang at Tupak este Too fast este tupaz!

    13. How about Neil Tupaz.? Have we forgotten that he was building a mansion in one of the exclusive subdivision. That is probably a good place to start an investigation.

      • Anak naman ng Tupa, ano ba naman ang gusto nyo? Kalabanin ni Pnoy ang KKK? Ano ba naman kayo, Bakli? Saan yuon Mansion pinatayo ni Neil Tupaz? Sa Xavierville ba? Bakit naman di nya kaya makapag pagawa ng Mansion na gaya ng anak ng mga Dynastia gaya ni Jungoy ay meron ng palasyo sa Greenhills ay nagpagawa pa ng mas malaking Mansion sa Wack-Wack. Bakit pa nila pina Impeach si CJ Corona kung walang Rewards? What are our PDAF and DAP for? Kayo nga ang tumayo sa amin kundi din kayo magpagawa ng Mansion, di ba?