• Vilma acknowledges Nora in lifetime achievement award



    A long-time Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino or Urian member (name withheld upon request) couldn’t help but feel awestruck by Vilma Santos’ unflinching magic before a mammoth crowd of fans at their recent annual awards rites.

    The Star for All Seasons is this year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, bringing ip her total number of major recognitions to 13.

    “I thought the stage would collapse!” our source said of the makeshift structure at the Studio 10 of ABS-CBN, the last-minute venue of the exercise. “Eh, nag-akyatan ba naman ang mga tao – fans, including the media, who wanted to take pictures of Vilma!”

    Supposedly, our source was tasked to usher all the winners to an area for the post-dinner, but he couldn’t get through the huge crowd, “When all the ruckus subsided, Inabangan ko na lang si Vilma somewhere as it seemed impossible to pull her out of the stage.”

    Such a sight reinforced his belief that, “Iba talaga ang awards night when you have Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor (who was nominated in the Best Actress category, but was nowhere in sight) in the race. But in fairness to Ate Vi, she was applauded for her speech where she acknowledged Ate Guy. Sabi niya, masuwerte raw silang dalawa dahil naabutan nila ang pinakamahuhusay na film directors in the country.”

    Originally, the recently concluded Urian awards night was scheduled at Seda Hotel in Quezon City. However, Cinema One (which carried its live coverage) deemed it best to hold it within the ABS-CBN premises so that security could be contained.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Admittedly, a famed female stylist (FFS) made a regrettable mistake of introducing her handsome actor-boyfriend (HAB) to her family over an intimate gathering at their posh residence.

    Here’s why. Arriving from work, the FFS came home with her family and close kin already seated comfortably at the dinner table. “He (HBA’s name) will be a little late, so you may finish your dinner. Manggagaling pa kasi siya sa taping, c’mon, you don’t have to wait for him,” she told her family, all excited to meet her boyfriend in person for the first time.

    Moments later, the HBA was at the doorstep. With his head slightly bowed as a sign of respect, he was met by the FFS as she graciouslyintroduced him to her family one by one.

    “Oh, have a seat. Join us,” someone in the family said smilingly. “It’s okay, I just had dinner,” the HBA replied, but chose to grab a wine glass that the FFS’ male kin had handed him. Both men settled on one side of the long table as they began taking sip after sip.

    Turns out the already inebriated HBA—much to the FSS’ family’s surprise—swung his hips as he kept mumbling words they couldn’t figure out. Unable to manage his overdrunkenness, he rushed to the garden and blew up as the FSS’ kin watched in horror.

    Next thing we heard, the humiliated FSS had called it quits.

    * * *

    THERE’S a good reason why an accomplished figure (AF) in his chosen field would not dare break up with his actress-partner (AP) of many years even if well-meaning friends and close business associates repeatedly advise him to so.

    Allegedly, their child has threatened AF to commit suicide should he pack his stuff and bolt the doors of their abode.

    “’Yun ang iniiwasan niyang mangyari. Natatakot kasi siya na baka totohanin ng anak nila ‘yung banta. He so loves his child that whatever bad news that he hears about his partner, dedma na lang siya,” our source says.

    The AP has many times over been linked to other men, in and out of showbiz.


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